Monday, 31 August 2015

I'm In All The Echoes That Have Faded Out.

I swear I've done more than this but I can't find them.....
But anyway, here's a little Jack and Sally mash up that I did the other day. Inspired by the lovely MadeYewLook on youtube (Seriously, check her out!)
My scanners still playing up. It keeps putting these weird black smudges on the photos/work I scan in. I've tried my best to get rid of it, but it's still kind of there.

I'm half way through a River Phoenix piece as well which I've stopped for now as I was just getting frustrated with it.  Hopefully I'll have finsihed him by next month. I've been wanting to draw River for ages now. But I can't get his cute little button nose right or his eyes, and it's driving me mad.

Much Love.
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Listening to: Watching Educating Wales.

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