Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review | My Little Box September 2016

This month My Little Box have gone back to their roots with all things Parisian!
September is the fashion month, and in honour of that MLB have teamed up with designer, Claudie Pierlot and blogger, Freddy Cousin-Brown ( to you a box full carefree and captivating French goodies!

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Eat Smart.

Yesterday, I hopped on a train to Brighton to meet Niomi Smart.
Youtuber, blogger and now a proud owner of  her very own recipe book, Niomi is currently in the middle of a book signing tour for Eat Smart.
Full of plant-based recipes, Eat Smart has a simply gorgeous layout and design, is very easy to read and therefore, easy to make recipes. Inside she explains more about certain foods, what they are good for and why you need them in your diet.

I was going to buy her book anyway, so when she announced the book tour, I figured it would be a fun afternoon in Brighton -which, as you all know by now, is one of my favourite places.
Niomi was so lovely, even if I didn't get long to chat with her. She is absolutely beautiful and is literally glowing with positivity and health.
When she discusses health and fitness, it's easy to be encouraged to get your butt in gear and make better decisions regarding food.

If you're interested, tickets for Niomi's book tour can be purchased here.

Much love.
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Monday, 5 September 2016

"A Good Thing Never Ends"

So.... I went to Exhibitionism again.
My brother wanted to go and I figured it was amazing the first time around, so why not go again.
I came out feeling just as inspired and in awe as before.
If you want to read more about Exhibitionism read my first blog post here.

After the exhibition, we went to Bill Wyman's restaurant, Sticky Fingers. The food incredible and I highly recommend going there if your in the Kensington area. Then we went for a walk around Notting Hill, Kensington Gardens (where I dragged my brother to see the Peter Pan statue again) and then down Oxford Street, before getting the train home.

Exhibitionism was an incredible and inspiring experience. It's now left London, but it will be travelling to 11 citiesaround the world. If you're a fan of the Stones, keep an eye out for when it's near you.

"Don't you think it's sometimes wise not to grow up?"
Mick Jagger.
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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Reading & Leeds 2016 | My Recommendations.

In the UK we two MAJOR festivals. Ok, maybe technically it's three. Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds. (Reading and Leeds kinda counts as one though.)

Every August bank holiday weekend sets the scene for the latter. Set over the course of three days the festival is two parts- Reading and Leeds, hence the name. The line up alternates between the two cities (it's not as complicated as it sounds, non-brits!) 

Since it's one of the biggest and most well known music festivals I decided to add to my festival recommendations list.
So let's go!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Review | My Little Box August 2016

Where would we be without best friends?
There'd be cringey mirror selfies, no ridiculous inside jokes, no one to make dumb decisions with, no laughing until you're crying, no one to lean on when life gets tough, and no one to support when adulthood gets real.

Girl Friends. I think we often take those real female friends for granted a lot. August's My Little Box is all about us girls supporting each other, how we work well together and how, when we stand together, can help one another achieve our dreams. Let's celebrate girl power!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Boardmasters 2016 | My Recommendations.

Every August, thousands of people descend onto the UK's surf capital to checkout Boardmasters. Five days of surf, sun, skating and music will take over Cornwall's famous beaches this weekend.

My cousin and I went a few years back, and this summer will be my brother's second time. A festival not to be missed, Boardmasters offers skateboarding, BMX and surfing competitions which are chock full of pros. 
The main music section is at Watergate Bay,and has played host to the likes of Ed Sheeran and Snoop Dog. Whilst Fistral Beach offers the comps and The Beach Sessions, intimate evening gigs right on the beach. 
The surfing comps have recently been added to the World Qualifying Series, so be sure to pay attention on that front. 
The Surf Village on Fistral Beach offers signings with the pros, a market area where you can sample local delights and competitions that you can take part in. (Don't worry they won't get you doing complicated skate tricks -I won a hula hoop competition there) As well as Surf Art, photography and film sessions. 
Add in your very own surf lesson and this is a jam packed weekend that should not be missed. 

I've posted below my recommendations music wise. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Peas In A Pod.

At the weekend my cousin/ best friend/ twin/ pea-in-a-pod came down with her boyfriend.
Jodie and Lewis live in Yorkshire so we only get to see each other once maybe twice a year if we're lucky. So when we do see each other we have to make the most of it. Fun skateboarding adventures, trips to cities, eating our body weight in the most unhealthiest foods we can find and laughing all the time.
My mum calls us peas in a pod because we look like each other, there's only a years age difference and we have a lot in common.
The photos above are from a disposable camera I had almost finished so we took the skateboards and went down the beach for breakfast on their first morning here.