Sunday, 28 January 2018

We Need to Talk About... BlackPink.

Kpop is something that exploded into my life in the latter half of 2017. 
Thanks to a new friend at work, groups such as BTS, Red Velvet, Seventeen and EXO, have pretty much taken over me.
Although, majority of the girl groups aren't really my cup of tea -I prefer the boy bands within kpop- I can't help but obsess over their style.

Now the Asian fashion sense has been something I've been in love with for a while. Japanese and Korean fashion in particular has always caught my eye.

At the forefront, we have BlackPink. These 4 girls have it all. Talent, looks, confidence and style. Their outfits effortlessly ooze perfection. Whether it's on stage or at an airport, they always look on point. 

I saw someone on the BlackPink Amino App describe Rose's style as tumblr. Now, I know that's not an adjective, but I feel like a lot of people understand what I mean when I say it is tumblr-style.
Her style is pure chic. Mixing classy with comfort, Rose's often minimalist outfits are simple and elegant, yet she throws in a little street style for good measure.
She loves oversized t-shirts, boots and anything high waisted. 
Not one for loud prints, Rose instead opts for a touch of a pattern, such as tartan, or will mix different textures together to create that aesthetic many fail to pull off.


Jisoo's style definitely reflects her fun and bubbly personality perfectly.
Her cute outfits are made of flow-y materials and bright colours often with an adorable quirk to them.
She seems to love wearing the colour pink and often chooses the comfier outfits over her band mates.
Jisoo's off-stage style is usually very elegant and feminine, with the loud colours giving off energy.

Lisa's style is kind of a mix of the other girls. 
Mixing soft and hard pieces together, Lisa is experimental when it comes to fashion. She often wears louder prints compared to the others, and sometimes throws a little grunge in, with leather jackets, some tartan or ripped jumpers.
Much like the others, her style reflects her personality. The harder pieces reflect her strong and energetic vibes, whilst the softer ones reflect her cute and feminine side.

Jennie's style is probably my favourite out of the four members.
She loves on trend pieces but gives it her own twist. Usually seen in black, white or khaki green, Jennie is very into the urban, street style. Think killer boots or sneakers, oversized jackets, crop tops and t-shirt dresses.
She rocks a fashion forward, feminine style with a bad ass edge. 
Those fierce outfits mixed with her angelic face? Yeah. Her look exudes confidence. 

I like to think my personal style is somewhere between Jennie or Lisa's, although, not half as cool as them.
However, since falling into the kpop world, I've delved deeper into the fashion trends of Seoul and beyond than I ever did before.

Expect another kpop fashion breakdown soon because I'm that in love.
P.S- I'm obsessed with their online reality show BlackPink house!
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Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine.
I have credited where I found each photo but am unsure as to who the original photographers are.

If you know, please contact me so I give credit where necessary.

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