Friday, 27 January 2012

Hollywood Dreaming

I'm starting to plan my trip to America -or at least the southern California part.
I've been wanting to go to CA since I could remember.
Although I still don't when my trip will happen, just planning all the things I would like to do and see makes it all seem so much more real.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


I changed the blog name to dreamsarecalling.
To me, "eemmalouisee" got boring, and well to be completely honest, sounded a bit childish and like I hadn't put any thought into it -which I hadn't really.
I decided on "dreams are calling" last night.
I've kind of reached a point in my life where I'm figuring out what I want.
I've also reached a point where I'm starting figure how to make these dreams and ideas of mine a reality.
My dreams are calling me, so I'm going to get out and get them.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Moments Like These

Last night me and my sister went to go see One Direction. 
Oh my goodness. They were incredible.
I love that you can tell that love what they're able to do and I love that you can tell they're having so much fun whilst doing it.
I think what I love the most though, is that you can tell they are genuinely best friends. 
Yeah, they were five boys who never thought they'd be put in a band, who all originally wanted to be solo artists. Everyone knows that. 
However, it's obvious they love working together, to share these experiences with each other. 
And that's what's made me love them even more.