Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bucket List.

All I've really done for the past few hours is watch a countless amount of movies. 
I’m too tired to do anything and I’m too awake to sleep and this is the last full night of 2012 and it’s weird.
This years been amazing but at the same time it's been awful. and I can’t decide if I’m sad or happy about it ending and I have so much on my mind that I feel like my head is going to explode so for now I've written a list of all the things I hope to do in 2013.
I find that a bucket list for the year works better than a new years resolution. 
and hopefully the next 365 days will be good to me. 

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Fairytale Of Hyde Park.

My brother, sister and I took a little trip up to London yesterday to see the Christmas lights and go to Winter Wonderland.
\For those who live in another country, Winter Wonderland is something one of the most famous parks in England puts on every year.
It consists of theme park rides, German markets, ice skating and just pure festive fun.
After trying not to fall over while ice skating and drinking mulled wine, we went for a walk around some of the streets to see the lights. 
I'm a BIG Rolling Stones fan, so naturally I had to drag my siblings along to Carnaby Street.
To celebrate 50 years of The Stones, Carnaby Street have themed their decorations around them. And they even have a pop up shop full of limited edition merch. but that was shut which sucks.
Then we went back to Hyde Park to have some more christmassy fun.
Winter Wonderland was fab and I want to go back. 

Did I mention I like Christmas?