Saturday, 23 July 2016

Peas In A Pod.

At the weekend my cousin/ best friend/ twin/ pea-in-a-pod came down with her boyfriend.
Jodie and Lewis live in Yorkshire so we only get to see each other once maybe twice a year if we're lucky. So when we do see each other we have to make the most of it. Fun skateboarding adventures, trips to cities, eating our body weight in the most unhealthiest foods we can find and laughing all the time.
My mum calls us peas in a pod because we look like each other, there's only a years age difference and we have a lot in common.
The photos above are from a disposable camera I had almost finished so we took the skateboards and went down the beach for breakfast on their first morning here.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Review | My Little Box July 2016

When summer rolls around, what's the one craze you always see? Easy. Coconuts.
Year after year you smell that gorgeous exotic scent. Whether it's in your sun cream or beauty products, it's undeniably there.
Recently, however, the craze has gone year round. Coconuts are multi-functional. Incredible for your skin, hair, health and even your food.
These tropical guys are versatile and all kinds of glorious. Which is why My Little Box have dedicated a whole box to them.