Monday, 18 July 2016

Review | My Little Box July 2016

When summer rolls around, what's the one craze you always see? Easy. Coconuts.
Year after year you smell that gorgeous exotic scent. Whether it's in your sun cream or beauty products, it's undeniably there.
Recently, however, the craze has gone year round. Coconuts are multi-functional. Incredible for your skin, hair, health and even your food.
These tropical guys are versatile and all kinds of glorious. Which is why My Little Box have dedicated a whole box to them.

First up is this beautiful passport holder. Made from a thick PU material, it features a retro Hawaiian print to match the outside of the box. It will protect your passport perfectly whilst you jet off to paradise the second the cold weather starts to draw back in.

MLB have teamed up with the girls over at Stella & Dot to create this delicate accessory that's perfect for summer. It's elegant and, although a little simple, absolutely stunning. 
Nickel, Cadnium and lead free. I had a little nosey on S&D's website, and although a little pricey, everything is gorgeous. May just have to do a small shopping spree...

We all love a good coconut smell. The smell that instantly drifts you off to an Hawaiian beach, surrounded by crystal clear seas and sandy white sands. Where you live off fruit and everything seems perfect. Ahh, paradise.
That's exactly how you feel when the scent of this eau de toilette hits your nose. 
For best results wear sandals and drink mojitos whilst taking in the ultimate summer scent.

French brand, Merci Handy, have whipped up an exclusive coconut scented version of their best selling hand sanitiser, just for MLB. A small dollap of this gel will keep your hands fresh, clean and softer. Perfect hand bag size.
Limited edition so go quick!

Oh, summertime. Sunshine, saltwater. Before you know it, your hair looks like it's been stranded on a desert island for a few months (which doesn't sound to bad actually) with no hair products (which does sound for your poor hair) To save your very dry, very damaged hair from completely giving up on you, MLB have provided a taster* of Ojon moisturising oil. 
Specifically designed for long days in the heat, a single drop will help soften, hydrate and restore your hair back to fabulous, shiny self!
*Don't actually taste it though!!!

MLB have created the perfect summer specimen for this months box. A multi-functional spritzer that smells IN-CRED-I-BLE. 
It soothes like an after sun, hydrates like a body cream, use as a body mist and keeps you glowing all summer long! 
Watch out world, your inner summer goddess is about to come to play!

The second I opened this box I could feel the sunshine and was instantly whisked off to some Caribbean island. But tbh, England's weather is so lovely right now, I only need to walk 10 minutes to my beach.

Much Love.
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