Friday, 29 January 2016

Love, Courtney...

It's been 20 years but everyone is still obsessed with the 90's. In particular the oozy effortless style that was grunge.
The of kids I see today trying to emulate that vintage, thrown together look amazes me. (Even if most of them weren't alive to experience grunge the first time around) And now, you can truly get the look with Love, Courtney by Nasty Gal.

Grunge Goddess Courtney Love, rummaged through her closet to find her favourite pieces. After recreating them and giving them a modern twist, she's created a romantic, rock and roll collection.
Gorgeous lingerie, baby doll dresses, fishnet tights and girly accessories make up the range. And, of course, Courtney's classic love of lace and silk don the garments.

I'm a big fan of Courtney's style and music so this collection is making my fashion dreams come true.

I know I'm a bit late in the game with this post, but I wasn't originally going to do it. I changed my mind this morning.
I've picked out my favourites from the collection above. I honestly wish my bank account would let me buy everything but unfortunately, that isn't the case.

Although some pieces have sold out, there are a few items left. So, snap them up quickly, turn up some amazing music, add a pair of killer heels and a leather jacket (faux of course!) and you've turned yourself into a rock and roll fairy tale.
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Review | My Little Box January 2016

January is the month where we all make resolutions, changes and dreams to accomplish over the next twelve months.
My Little Box is embracing all of that for this months box with their Wish Box.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Ones To Watch 2016 | Part 2

Bonfires are quite a recent find for me. The 4-piece are an alternative rock band from Chicago, Illnois, and formed in early 2014. They've stated that the band was an escape from their everyday lives, but also wish to write songs others can relate too. So far they've got three EP's under their belt, but they've already pushed their boundaries and shown they're serious contenders in the rock world.
This year will see them playing SXSW festival, touring and putting together their first full length.
there is endless potential for Bonfires and I'm excited to what's in store for them.

For Fans Of: Hit The Lights, Handguns, Tonight Alive, State Champs.
Personal Favourites: Slow Collapse, Nothing To Hold, Under The Water Tower.

A few years back, Jack Savoretti quit music, thinking that was his run and he should get a proper job. 
Fast forward to 2015: four full length albums, sold out headline tours and a slot at Glastonbury.
At 32, this Italian-English singer-songwriter has a calming voice which blends perfectly with his acoustic guitar. I think you'll find him hard not to like!

For Fans Of: Paulo Nutini, Ed Sheeran, Ray LaMontagne
Personal Favourites: Written In Scars, Home, Sweet Hurt.

Swedish singer, Tove Lo has written for just about everyone, from Lorde and Girls Aloud to Hilary Duff and Ellie Goulding. In 2014 she was offered her own record deal and hasn't looked back.
Her music is unfussy, simple and electric. She writes of self-destructive moments, past relationships and mistakes. She adds her dark, complex and blunt lyrics, to whimsical dance beats, and creates an absolute storm on her debut album "Queen Of The Clouds." 
I already know my summer is going to be filled with dancing along to this one.

For Fans Of: Charli XCX, Foxes, Icona Pop.
Personal Favourites: Talking Body, Habits, Out Of My Mind.

Hope you all liked this years "ones to watch"
Let me know what music you're looking forward to this year!
Much love.
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Friday, 8 January 2016

Ones To Watch 2016 | Part 1

Ahhh, the annual round up of who I think should be on your radar this year.
You're welcome ;)
Please note that none of the photos are mine but have been edited by me.

I discovered these guys through a NME article not too long ago. Their name came above a headline of, "combine dark grunge with sticky, sweet Americana." So naturally I listened and of course I was hooked from the word go.
Hailing in from Brighton, this four piece have been very secretive regarding the visual aspect. No photoshoots or music videos. The single artwork was the only visual they provided- a plan to keep the focus on the music.
Singer Izzy B Phillips has voice to rival Debbie Harry's. Her heavy but sultry 90's drawl compliments the beautifully hypnotic music.
2016's calendar so far holds festival slots, album plans and touring Europe. Look out for Black Honey- they're going to be huge.

Personal Favourites: Madonna, Teenager, Bloodlust.
For Fans Of: Wolf Alice, Swim Deep, Sundara Karma.

Of course, it wouldn't be my list without a couple of pop punk bands included. First up from that genre- Boymeetsworld!
These Ohio lads had a pretty good 2015. With a slot on the Vans Warped Tour and an album to name a couple. 
These guys through it back to the original pop punk style, with a satisfying mix of melodies, hooks and chants the crowds will love. 
BMW formed in 2012 and there's a reason why their fanbase is rapidly growing.

Personal Favourites:Feel It In The Air, Girl In Front, Right Where We Belong.
For Fans Of: ROAM, As It Is, New Found Glory.

Most people will know Jamie Campbell Bower from his roles in Harry Potter or Sweeney Todd. 
I personally was also a big fan of his previous band, The Darling Buds. Counterfeit won my heart just as quickly.
Despite forming recently and with only a few songs released so far, these guys are making big waves.
Jamie's voice has the perfect blend of angry and sultry mixed in with classic rock. Add in the heavy drums and glassy guitars, by Roland Johnson and Tristan Marmot respectively, and you've got a raw, uncensored, modern take on the punk genre.
I'm also getting some Nirvana vibes.
Hopefully 2016 will see the release of an album and a full nationwide tour from this trio.

Personal Favourites: Family Suicide, Come Get Some, Letter To The Lost.
For Fans Of: Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes, Beartooth.

Come back on Sunday for the last three!
Much love.
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Sunday, 3 January 2016


2015 was pretty tough for me. But it also held some really great moments.
Here are some:

I roadtripped to Cornwall twice. Did GoApe for the first time. Did alot of artwork. 
Read a ton of books. Met Lola. Taught myself how to do spacebuns and they were cute af.
Educated myself on the vegan lifestyle and made plans to one day transistion fully to vegan.
My siblings and I threw my Dad a party for his 60th. I did lots of baking. 
Met Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele. Roadtripped to Bournemouth with some friends.
Went down the beach. A lot.
I blogged way more than I have in previous years.
Drove 6 hours to Yorkshire hugged Jodie and drove all the way back.
Saw my favourite band perform to 20,000 people and got second row which was unreal!
Started to teach myself how to do SFX make up.
Will levy gave me his guitar pick after TSSF's show. 
Got barrier for my favourite bands show.
Started to educate myself on eating healthier. 
Went paddleboarding for the first time- and didn't fall off.
I went to a ton of concerts. Skated and surfed. Refuelled my love for River Phoenix and Corey Haim.
Surprised my best friend on her 21st by driving 6 hours to Yorkshire and giving her 21 presents.
And of course listened to amazing music throughout all of it.

Let's do this 2016!
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