Sunday, 3 January 2016


2015 was pretty tough for me. But it also held some really great moments.
Here are some:

I roadtripped to Cornwall twice. Did GoApe for the first time. Did alot of artwork. 
Read a ton of books. Met Lola. Taught myself how to do spacebuns and they were cute af.
Educated myself on the vegan lifestyle and made plans to one day transistion fully to vegan.
My siblings and I threw my Dad a party for his 60th. I did lots of baking. 
Met Tyler Hilton and Kate Voegele. Roadtripped to Bournemouth with some friends.
Went down the beach. A lot.
I blogged way more than I have in previous years.
Drove 6 hours to Yorkshire hugged Jodie and drove all the way back.
Saw my favourite band perform to 20,000 people and got second row which was unreal!
Started to teach myself how to do SFX make up.
Will levy gave me his guitar pick after TSSF's show. 
Got barrier for my favourite bands show.
Started to educate myself on eating healthier. 
Went paddleboarding for the first time- and didn't fall off.
I went to a ton of concerts. Skated and surfed. Refuelled my love for River Phoenix and Corey Haim.
Surprised my best friend on her 21st by driving 6 hours to Yorkshire and giving her 21 presents.
And of course listened to amazing music throughout all of it.

Let's do this 2016!
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