Saturday, 26 October 2013

I Just Want To Stay Here And Have A Good Time.

If your a One Tree Hill fan -if not then why not?- then you would know the character Chris Keller.
Well, he's played by Tyler Hilton, who is currently in the middle of a UK tour. Thursday was the first time I'd ever been to one of his shows. And oh, what a show it was!

First up was Race Car Hearts (First picture) who I hadn't heard of before. But he was good. He was funny, a little sarcastic in places and played some lovely songs. You could tell he was nervous, being the only guy on stage and being the opening act, but he played some good music.

The second support act was Paighton. Or at least half of them. I actually saw these guys a couple of weeks ago supporting Lawson, and I completely fell in love with them. But this time around they played an acoustic set -and I'm an absolute sucker for acoustic sets. I was thoroughly impressed with their performance and I'm excited to see what will happen for them in the future.

I discovered Tyler Hilton maybe 6 or 7 years ago, when I was about 13/14. He was on my favourite TV show -One Tree Hill- and I completely fell in love with his music.
I've been waiting to see him live for a long time and Thursday night was completely worth the wait.
He's one those musicians that sounds just as amazing live as he does on his CD's.
He performed an acoustic set and had even found a couple of hay bails (which had been left from a previous band) which he brought on stage. He also brought a girl out from the crowd to perform "When The Stars Go Blue" because someone requested it.

Tyler Hilton isn't exactly the most well known singer/songwriter around, which is a shame because he's one of my favourites. So, if you don't know him, check out "Kicking My Heels", "Loaded gun and "You'll Ask For Me", which are some of my favourites. And if you like him and you get a chance, definetly go see him live. The whole show was really chilled and laidback and was so ridiculously perfect, it was probably one of the best concerts I've ever been too. Plus I got to meet him afterwards which was a huge bonus. I left the venue with a huge smile on my face and a love for just about everything.

Much love.

Paighton (I'm not actually sure what this song is called!)                 Tyler Hilton- You'll Ask For Me

Tyler Hilton feat. Paighton- Kicking My Heels

Sunday, 20 October 2013

October Favourites.

Mayday Parade- Monsters In The Closet

Mayday Parade have been a band that I've been a fan of since I was around 14/15. And this month saw the release of their 4th full length, "Monsters In The Closet". Naturally I love it.
There's bluesy guitar riffs, stunning piano pieces, and powerful lyrics such as "if there were monsters in the closet, well I don’t think I would be surprised, I hear them call out from my window, they try to trick me to come outside" 
Songs like "Hold Onto Me” demonstrates just how far the band have came in musicianship from 2005. 
Lead singer, Derek Sanders, shows off his most impressive and passionate vocal performance so far. And Mayday's song-writing has come a long way since 2007's "A Lesson In Romantics" (their first full length) and have officially released a monster of an album.
"Monsters In The Closet" is a superb diverse pop-punk record, which shows exactly what Mayday Parade do best - straightforward catchy tracks with lots of energy. Over the past 7 years, the group have perfected their style and sound, and this album showcases it all. Every song is mesmerising, powerful, and creative, which is pretty rare to find on albums now. 
AbsolutePunk described this album as being "an album built for arenas." I've seen them live a few times, and believe me, they're right.

Personal Favourites: "Hold Onto Me", "12 Through 15", "Girls"
For Fans Of: All Time Low, Go Radio, You Me At Six and The Maine.

Tonight Alive- The Other Side

Tonight Alive are another band I've known for quite a while. 2011's "What Are you So Scared Of?" made me fall completely in love with them. "The Other Side" was released last month and for some unknown reason I only listened to it all the way through last week. And I'm not sure why I didn't do it sooner because it's been on repeat since.
The Australians latest release doesn't disappoint and shows a growth in maturity and confidence. And despite being known as a pop-punk band, this album is more rock than pop. It's slightly darker than their previous record,  and features a balance of aggression and vulnerability. 
That's not to say for the entirety of this album, "Come Home" is a straightforward pop song that's enjoyable and makes me want to dance, it's just not as dark as the other tracks. 
Drummer Matt Best does a fantastic job at creating tight, diverse rhythms which complement every song on the album. Lead singer Jenna McDougall has, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Plus her lyrics are so intensely honest and relatable.
 Already, they've been opening acts for the likes of Pierce The Veil and The Story So Far, therefore, gaining a  pretty strong following.
The five members of Tonight Alive are all individually incredibly talented, but when they come together they create something magical. I can't wait to watch these Aussie punks grow in success and popularity as more people discover their magic.
Personal Favourites: "The Ocean", "Don't Wish" "The Other Side"
For Fans Of: We Are The In Crowd, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens

P.s- I thought I'd put these two together because if you like one you're quite likely going to be into the other.
What are you listening to at the moment?

Saturday, 19 October 2013


So I'm getting pretty bad at this whole blogging regularly again. I actually really want to write about things on here and this week a thought came into head... I love music, and I enjoy blogging. So why not blog about undiscovered artists, or thoughts on new albums and songs. Maybe not 100% about music (I'll still blog about other things) but why not?
I'm constantly finding out about new artists and I if they're good then I just want to tell everyone about them and I figured this could be a good place to do that.
In the past I've already done it a little (5SOS, Common Ground, Haim etc.) but I've decided I'm going to make it a more regular thing.
I'm currently working on my first of these posts. I have to do a little bit of research on one of the artists but I'm hoping it will be up tomorrow.

So what do you guys think? 
Do you think this could be a good idea?