Sunday, 29 April 2018

Coachella | My Fashion Favourites.

Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine but I have edited them.
I have credited where I found each photo but am unsure as to who some of the original photographers are.
If you know, please contact me so I give credit where necessary.

 Victoria Justice | Camila Mendes | Vanessa Hudgens

So, I've been a bit MIA again...
All my blog posts from this year have started with this sentence I think. But honestly, I do have a good reason. Basically, my laptops not been working properly and I think I may have to get a new one, and the blogspot app for my phone is just pretty much shit. 
It means I missed my Coachella recommendations list and I wanted to do a couple of TBT posts as well, so I've had to post pone those for now. 
As for the recommendations, I didn't really mind missing that one. This years line up wasn't that impressive aside from a few artists so I feel like that would have been quite boring. And tbh, Coachella as a whole this year was kind of a let down.

Usually, the Palm Springs festival kicks off the Summer party season and bohemian fashion comes out to play. I always find myself scrolling through instagram, with severe FOMO and wanting to spend my entire bank balance on beautifully outrageous outfits, just so I can look like I've just stepped out of Woodstock circa 1969.

Honestly, it took me a while to find a collection from 2018 and most of these have come from bloggers, instagramers and youtubers. Nothing wrong with that. It's just usually theres a wide range of A-List celebs wearing their favourite flower crowns, all dressed up after spending hours thrifting through LA's finest parades, just to look like they'd spontaneously thrown an outfit together. 

My personal favourites from this year? Victoria Justice, Sincerely Jules and Vanessa Hudgens. The latter will come as absolutely no surprise to anyone that knows me.

I hope next years line up and outfits will be 100 times better.

Who was your best dressed this year?
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  1. I love this place. I had an event here back in May last year and I felt like it was a perfect day for us! The LA venue provides you with an event Specialist as part of your package which is extremely helpful. Plus all of us dressed up only added to the entire ambience.