Friday, 14 August 2015

Review | My Little Box August 2015

My Little Box Tiiiiime!!

For August, MLB have carried on with last month's summer roadtrip theme. Teaming up with Antik Batik, to bring you a box filled with bohemian goodies! Let's go!!

First up, these adorable little hair bands. Or if you want -bracelets.
My described these as being denim-y (is that a word?) looking. In reality these are so soft!
They look great on your wrists and feel fab in your hair!

This little bucket bag, designed by Antik Batik, was kind of hard to take a picture of. (SORRY!)
This bag goes perfectly with this months theme, with a typical boho print. It has a long shoulder strap and although it's small, can hold a hell of a lot. I'm off on holiday tomorrow and will definitely be using it loads whilst away!

Not going to lie. I was little disappointed with the make up bag this month. The products are good -don't get me wrong- I just probably won't use them.
One disappointing item was a lip/cheek mousse by So Susan. I've heard good things about this brand. But I received a very bright red colour, and I'm a natural redhead. With very pale skin. And well, how I do put this....I looked a little like a clown. 
A lovely product that applied nicely. Unfortunately not the right colour for me. 

My mum is a big fan of Korres' products and I can see why. 
this body milk smells delicious and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and smooth and definitely not- sticky. Made with shea butter, aloe vera and almond butter, this body milk will make you feel like you've been whisked off to Santorini, even if you're not leaving your neighbourhood.

Bronzer in Summer Caress by My Little Beauty (I can't find this on the website)

The final item for this month was a bronzing powder by My Little Beauty. See above about the whole Ginger/pale skin combo. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll use this.
I've never really been one for foundation/blusher/ bronzer -I stuck to heavy eye make up growing up.
I can't really give an opinion on bronzer as I know very little about them, but this one seems good, and so far I've loved every one of MLB's beauty range. So I'm going to give bronzer a try!

I'm so spilt about this box. Especially since I loved last month's box.
 I love the theme and 3/5 of the products of this month. 
Unfortunately, the make up was a bit of a let down this month.
Compared to other "let downs" on subscription boxes, My Little Box really hasn't done bad at all.
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