Sunday, 19 February 2017

Review | My Little Box February 2017

February's edition of My Little Box has taken inspiration from our cold weather and icy evenings.
I'll be honest with you- this month is a little disappointing. You all know I'm usually in love with almost everything MLB send out, and while it's not the worst subscription box I've received, it's no where near the best either....

First up with these navy blue socks with "Cold Feet" emblazoned on them. The UK has been teeth-chattering cold recently and these are so comfy and cosy and just so warm. The siler thread adds a little sparkle and kind of looks a little like snow or stars on a winter night.

Next up, a Snood knitting kit. Including a sewing needle and instructions, MLB have given you your own DIY for lazy sundays, whilst making sure you'll be wrapped up warm when you do leave the house. I've never knitted before. I'm not sure how this is going to go.

This is a fabric brooch made exclusively for MLB. Embroided is "Coeur de Glace" which I think means "Frozen Heart" (Please correct me if I'm wrong. My French is not the best!) 

The final lifestyle product for this month is a mountain shaped post-it note book. Whilst the shape is cute and it is quite handy to have- I do feel this is somewhat of a filler for this box. Which is a shame cause I usually love all the MLB exclusives.

Winter means dry, sore and cracked lips, so MLB have made sure yours will be fresh, smooth and rosy. Their lip balm is moisturising and soothing, whilst the slight tint will mean you'll always look beautiful no matter how cold.

I've seen numerous beauty bloggers rave about the POREfessional by Benefit, although I've never actually managed to get my hands on any. Although my pores aren't very large, this ultra light primer smooths over any lines or imperfections. The product has a very silky texture when applying and glides effortlessly on to your face. There is definitely a notable difference to my pores after I applied this! I highly recommend!

I don't know about anyone else, but in the winter my eyes are often tired, puffy and bigger, darker bags. Polaar's created the perfect thing; their icy magic eye roll on is filled with micro-nutriments to help awaken those tired eyes. I needed this after a few of nights of concerts and going out (see here) combined with work shifts and very little sleep. My poor eyes had definitely seen better days. This eye roll on made me feel more awake and my eyes looked refreshed and brighter. Again, I highly recommend!

Like I said before, definietly not my favourite box.
The make up bag saved this box. I felt like the lifestyle products were more filler than killer, which is why I've left each paragraph quite short because, quite frankly, I don't think I could make post it notes sound all glorious to you guys.
Come on MLB! I know you can do better!
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