Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be Today...

If you read this post from last year, you'd know how big of a Busted fan my best friend and I are.
November of last year finally saw the release of their third album, Night Driver and a tour announcement.
Katie and I instantly brought tickets to two dates, Portsmouth and Brighton, and started counting down the days.
Monday arrived, and off we drove to Portsmouth. Last night arrived and it was off to Brighton.
Honestly, both nights were amazing. We danced and sung our hearts out, and the new songs sounded incredible live.
Natives were supporting. I've seen them before a couple of times as support act for other bands, and they've always put on a good show. We met them afterwards and they were lovely.

We also met up with Chris both nights. (See bottom pics) He's currently selling merch and promoting his own music throughout the tour so go and say hi if you see him. Genuinely the nicest and funniest guy ever.

Much Love.
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