Friday, 2 June 2017

We Need to Talk About... Mary Kate & Ashley.

Everyone knows the Olsen twins. And if you don't what exactly were you doing in the 90s/00's???
Along with Vanessa Hudgens, Mary Kate and Ashley have been my ultimate girl crushes since, well, for as long as I can remember.
Starting off as child actors on Full House, they transitioned into bonafide Hollywood actresses, before becoming two of fashion's most trusted designers, with their brands The Row, Elizabeth & James, Olsenboye and Style Mint.

I grew up watching their show So Little Time, and movies like New York Minute and Our Lips Are Sealed are still some of my favourites to this day. 
Growing up I was in love with them. They're real, genuine and down to earth. But also, their fashion choices have had a big impact me. (Honestly, it was so hard to narrow their outfits down for this blogpost.)  Whilst some people dismiss their style as "weird", for me it's bohemian chic at its finest.

They both love layers, and investing in pieces that can be used for all occasions. Many say their style is scruffy, but I love their low-key aesthetic.
Ashley's style is more glam, girly and put together. While MK is all about accessorising and a little rock 'n' roll thrown in. Although, both are memorable, influential and timeless.

Whenever the pair step out, I'm always taking note of the way they style pieces.

These two offer endless inspiration to me.
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Disclaimer: None of the photos are mine but I have edited them.
I have credited where I found each photo but am unsure as to who the original photographers are.
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