Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Review | My Little Box June 2017

This month My Little Box has jetted us off to the Golden State of Mind! The beautifully, sunny city of Los Angeles deserves an equally beautifully, sunny box. Filled with palm trees and sunshine galore, MLB have created the perfect getaway without you even leaving your house...

Much like last month, the magazine is a little different. June's box features a map of the city of angels and a guide to all the finer things you'll need if you ever find yourself in LA.

The first MLB exclusive for this month is a gorgeous tote bag! Perfect for beach days or a picnic in the park, or maybe take it with you to bring some tropical, summer vibes to a gloomy day at work.
The bag is strong, sturdy and is easily portable. Plus it features a gorgeous design to whisk your mind off to some exotic desert island somewhere...

The next two lifestyle products are...ok. Not the best. But I like them and will use them.

The charm bracelet has been inspired by the beautiful Californian sunsets, and features colours perfect for accessorising with your summer outfits. The only issue I have with the bracelet is that it doesn't really stay tight. It seems to come loose quite often and I feel I have to keeping pulling the tassels in order for it too not fall off and get lost.

The final lifestyle product is this fun pack of puffy CA inspired stickers. That's all I have to say really. These are stickers. I'm not sure I can do a review here.

I've used this product multiple times over the years so was very happy to find a bottle in this months MLB.
Palmer's have created probably the best body lotion you'll ever find. Their Coconut Oil Body Lotion is filled with vitamin E and organic coconut oil, leaving your skin super soft and moisturised for up to 24 hours. Non greasy and light, smells absolutely divine! Not enough for you? Well, this lotion is brimming with ethically sourced ingredients, there no parabens or mineral oil. Whats not to love?!

After long days out in the sun, your skin becomes dry and tired. This Burt's Bees face wash is made with Chamomile and aloe leaving your skin feeling soft and fresh.  The hint of menthol that's been added, is known for it's cooling and soothing properties. Suitable for all skin types and genders. The perfect answer to long summer days!

The My Little Beauty exclusive for this month was a little disappointing. This hair and body oil is a blend of passion fruit, achiote seed extract and coconut oil. Natural and vegan, it's filled with all very good stuff. Unfortunately, I can't get on with oils. It is meant to be used for when your hair and skin feel dry and damaged thanks to the sun, sand and sea. MLB say it leaves skin feeling satiny soft and hair flowing, healing spilt ends. However, my hair which, is very dry and damaged, since I pretty much live on a beach and spend most of my time in and out of the water. I followed the instructions to use as a hair mask but was left with hair feeling disgustingly greasy and worse than it was beforehand. 

I loved the theme for this month, especially since I've been planning the ultimate Californian roadtrip for as long as I can remember.  I loved everything in this box (minus the oil) making this the perfect introduction to summer 2017!
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