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Warped Tour 2017 | My Recommendations.

The ultimate punk rock summer camp is back!
Warped Tour is just about to start it's 22nd year of tornado-ing around North America and with it comes lots of incredible bands and musicians.
This year features "harder" bands than the typical pop punk ones that have dominated the last couple of years. Don't worry though, there's still your fair share of pop punk to listen to!

So if you're going to the tour, here's some recommendations from me to you. Enjoy yourself and think of me good ol' Blightly!

I saw Trophy Eyes supporting Neck Deep a couple of years ago. The Aussie lads, blend pop punk and hardcore together to create something beautifully diverse. Vocalist, John Floreani, has an edge to his voice which could see him through almost any style or genre -something most singers can only dream of. Their live shows are energetic and raw. Expect a fast paced set, and heavy lyrics. Their mix and match take on the alternative scene make them somewhat under the radar, but, honestly, I wish they weren't. Trophy Eyes, I can't get enough of you.

For Fans Of: Trash Boat, Gnarwolves, Knuckle Puck.
Find Them This Summer: Full Sail University

Former Attack! Attack! member, Caleb Shomo, created heavy band, Beartooth back 2012. It was formed on a whim, as a side project from his old band. Let's be real here. No one saw this coming. Beartooth are aggressive, emotional, furious and down right gut wrenching. The lyrics are hard to listen to yet compelling and enticing. the only way I could enjoy their music more is if Caleb and co. were standing in front of me whilst a moshpit explodes behind me. I mean obviously I'd be at the front.

For Fans Of: We Came As Romans, blessthefall, A Day To Remember.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys Right Foot Please note Beartooth are only playing between 28/6-6/8

I'm not sure how long ago I got into Being As An Ocean, but I know a friend from tumblr introduced me to them. Sticking to traditional post-hardcore, these guys seem to make every song sound fresh and new, largely thanks to the viciousness of Joel Quartuccio voice paired with Michael McGough's clean vocals. These boys are furious, yet passionate and loving, putting them on my recommendations list.

For Fans Of: While She Sleeps, Counterparts.
Find Them This Summer: Mutant North

The girl who got me into Being As An Ocean, also introduced me to blessthefall. Originally, sticking to the basic metalcore formula, they've begun adding electronic effects and more clean vocals in recent years. Don't panic! Not enough to completely throw them out of the hardcore game, but enough to mix things up a bit. their sets are energy filled and passionate. Everyone going to warped tour can probably find something they like in blessthefall.

For Fans Of: Of Mice & Men, We Came As Romans, The Devil Wears Prada.
Find Them This Summer: Mutant North

Let's take this back to 2005, I turned 12 that year, and started secondary school. Within a couple of months my friends and I had started getting into alternative music. Or as everyone called it "emo screamo" music. Bowling For Soup were one of the first bands I remember getting into. Very much in the pop punk section, BFS are the geniuses behind a hilarious blend of catchy pop punk tunes, collasal choruses and heartfelt anthems. I don't think I need to talk about these guys much as everyone and anyone knows who they are. Go and see them live. Their basically the funnest band you'll see on stage.

For Fans Of: New Found Glory, Simple Plan, All Time Low.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys Left Foot Please note Bowling For Soup are only playing between 27/6-2/7 and 26/7-30/7

Carousel Kings are another that I can't remember getting into. I'm just glad I did. They're one of those modern pop punk bands, that all high energy and insanely catchy tunes. Fueled by driving guitars and soaring choruses that will have you singing along in no time, their enthusiatic and know how to make a good pop punk song. The heavy drums adds in a little of their metal influences. Although they're quite under the radar at the moment, their could easily be the best pop punk you'll hear this summer. Seriously, I can't stop listening.

For Fans Of: State Champs, Seaway, Handguns.
Find Them This Summer: Full Sail University Please note Carousel Kings are only playing between 16/6-4/7

Hawthorne Heights were another one of the first alternative bands I got into. I think everyone had one of "Ohio is for lovers" t shirts back in 2005, and, whilst I don't listen to them so much anymore, I feel they'll always hold a special place in my heart. The lyrics are beautifully raw, mixed with pleasing harmonies and melodic echoes, Hawthorne Heights are still proving why they're one of emos finest.

For Fans Of: Sense Fail, Matchbox Romance, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys left Foot

I've written about Hundredth before. They were in one of my ones to watch list a couple of years ago. Since then, there's been a lot of people watching and I don't think anyones been disappointed. Mixing a metallic and loud hardcore sound with energy and a slight funky little bounce, the past year has seen this band evolve into more than just hardcore riffs and melodic harmonies. Vocals are fantastically raw and filled with emotion whilst chords and riffs are extremely varied -ranging from break neck explosive to intricate patterns. Hundredth is a band that are going to be around a while.

For Fans Of: Being As An Ocean, Basement, Vanna.
Find Them This Summer: Mutant South

If you want to know why I'm so in love with Neck Deep, go here. They put on a fantastic show. And if you don't know who they are, then I don't where you've been the last couple years.

For Fans Of: The Story So Far, Knuckle Puck, The Wonder Years.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys Right Foot

Rounding this list up, is New Hampshire lads, Our Last Night. I see them supporting Tonight Alive last year, and let's just say they put on an excellent show. Their music is a perfect mix of pop and rock, with clean guitars and a few synths thrown in, catchy sing-along choruses and gruff screams make for some killer songs. 

For Fans Of: Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys Right Foot

Want more recommendations?
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