Friday, 10 March 2017

Around The World And Back.

You all know how obsessed I am with State Champs.
If you don't go here and you'll soon realise.

Last night kick started their UK tour with Northbound and As It Is.
When I got to the venue, Northbound had just started their set. These guys are from South Florida and this is their first in the UK. I've never listened to their music before but they put on a really good set. If you like Can't Swim, State Champs or Homesafe, I'm sure you'll like these guys.

The second support was As It Is. These guys grew up not too far from me, so I love seeing how far they've come. As It Is are one of the biggest pop punk names in England right now and their set really showed why. Filled with energy, they got the whole venue jumping.

Last, and no where near least, State Champs. You're probably all bored of hearing how amazing I think these New Yorkers are, but honestly, I have no other words.

I've been apart of the alternative music scene for over a decade now, but it's a place I've truly come to love.
These types of shows are always filled with love, acceptance and good vibes, not just from the bands but the fans also.
There's a positive energy I don't feel when I'm at other concerts. I feel safe and happy and any anxiety has evaporated.

Much love.
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Listening to: The Maine- Black Butterflies and Deja Vu.

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