Friday, 17 March 2017

Review | My Little Box March 2017

So last months My Little Box wasn't.... the best. This month, however, they've shown why I love them so much with their #NoFilter box.
For starters it's not exactly a box. No, a make up filled to the brim with picture perfect products!

Instead of their usual magazine, MLB have created a little book of beauty notes. Filled with tips from make up artists and information on which foods can help give you healthy, glowing skin. The back is also left blank for you to fill out with your own tips and tricks.

To get the perfect selfie, you'll need a steady hand. To help ease the shakiness, not to mention the horror of dropping your phone on your face in the middle of the night, MLB have added a phone ring that sticks onto the back of your phone. Putting an end to cracked screens, you can even use the ring as tripod. Also, it has a 360 degree rotation, perfect for any selfie angle.
P.S- Can we take a moment to appreciate the heart shaped bubble wrap?

This is a make up brush. I don't really know what else to say about this, other than it's super soft and smooth and makes putting make up on an absolute breeze. Purse friendly size too!

Keeping with the pale pink theme, MLB have provided a gorgeous dusty pink nail varnish to make transistioning from the harsh, dark winter into light, sunny spring that little bit easier. The varnish itself doesn't chip easily and lasts quite a while. However, because the colour was so light, I did need a few layers until I was fully satisfied with the pigmentation. I forgot to take a photo of the varnish on my nails, so apologies there.

I've received products by Laura Mercier in subscription boxes before, but haven't been comepltely impressed. This primer, however, has won me over. It glides on smoothly and evens out your skin tone to leave a bright, clear face. The product itself is not oily and makes pores almost completely disappear. I used this before a long day at work and then an evening a concert. The concert itself was quite sweaty/ hot, so I was thourghly happy to find my make up still going strong when I got home.
I highly recommend this primer.

I've heard lots of good things about Make Up Forvever, but have never actually got my hands on any of their products. Their Ultra HD Loose Powder matti-fies skins, blurs any imperfections and leaves you looking beautiful and luminous. All you have to do is dip, dust and go. Sounds easy? It is.

Like I said before, last months box was a let down. This months was so good!
Although I like MLB as they don't fill their boxes with just make up, and instead add cute lifestyle pieces as well, I did enjoy this months make up theme. 

Congrats MLB, you're back in my good books!
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