Monday, 29 June 2015

Review | My Little Box June 2015

This month, My Little Box has decided to take us on a trip down the French Riviera!

Since it's June, it's time to get your butt in gear and prepare for long summer days swimming in the sea, running barefoot in the sand and the only smells touching your nose should sun cream and barbecues! (not together obviously!)

So get ready to take a holiday down to the beautiful ocean paradise that is the French Riviera!

First up in the box, the essential to all summer holidays -sunglasses.
This pair was created by interior designer Sarah Lavoine, and a very simple, retro feel to them. They give off a kind of ray bans feel to me.
I'm obsessed with sunglasses and these are lovely addition to my collection!

Designed by in-house designer Kanako, these little pots are created to go into your bedroom or bathroom to hold toiletries, make up brushes, jewellery or other tiny treasures.
The artwork naturally matches the theme, with swimmers and a boat.
I'm not sure what I'll use mine for yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.

Even if you can't make it to a beach this year, you can make pretend with this sea salt exfoliation scrub by MLB's own range. 
Created with Guerande salt cyrstals and ajonc molecules, (which stimulates happiness btw!) it leaves your feet and legs feeling just as smooth as they would at the end of a long day at the seaside. The smell is lovely and, well, basically it's the next best thing to actually being at the beach!

This is the only item this month I probably won't be using. 
Designed to give your hair a safe haven from your hair dryer- Kerastase has created a product to leave your hair feeling stronger and smoother, whilst protecting it the heat of the dryer.
I always let my dry my hair naturally as I don't like to put heat on it when it's not needed. 
I haven't tried this yet so I can't give my personal review on it, apologies.

The final product in the box is another product by Sarah Lavoine.
From her Loved By collection, this is a navy blue nail varnish that lasts all day and takes a lot to start chipping- believe me, I painted mine Friday afternoon and after a whole weekend of working, they're only just chipping!
Plus you only need one coat! Bonus!

I think this a lovely little summer themed box especially if you're unable to go on holiday this season!
What did you guys think?
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