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Warped Tour | My Music Favourites.

Ahh yes. That time of year again.
Every summer since I was about 13, I've been jealous of anyone who gets to go Warped Tour. (Minus a couple of summer that had awful line ups) 

Warped is a music festival that travels all over America -and part of Canada- throughout the summer, filled with 50+ bands from pop punk to heavy metal.
Since I live in the UK, I've never been able to go, which disappoints me greatly. I know they one in London now but its not the same!

I know the tour started a few days ago. I meant to have this blog post up last week, but things came up. I apologise.

I've never done this before, but I figured since I still like to stay up to date with the tour, I may as well talk about it here. 
So, if you get to go this summer, here's who I think you should check out!

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I saw Knuckle Puck when they were supporting Neck Deep back in February. I didn't know much about them but had heard their name thrown about a bit. 
Anyway, they played maybe a 30 minute set, and it was so much fun. These guys have a lot of energy and know exactly how to put on a great show.
Playing pop-punk with an aggressive twist? Yep, I was a fan straight away.

For Fans Of: The Wonder Years, State Champs, The Story So Far, Real Friends.
Find Them This Summer: Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage.

I'm pretty sure Hundredth followed me on twitter a while back. I'm not sure. But I do know the second I listened to them, I was in love.
These guys hail in from South Carolina and play melodic hardcore rock. 
Usually I prefer pop-punk/ punk, but Hundredth stole my heart a little. I've spoken to the on twitter a couple of times and they have always been incredibly lovely.
I've never seen them live unfortunately, but I imagine them to put on a fantastic set.

For Fans Of: Counterparts, LetLive, The Ghost Inside, Architects.
Find Them This Summer: Monster Energy Stage.

I spoke about these Brighton boys back in January on my Ones to Watch list, and well it looks like they're on the way to taking over the USA at the moment!
As It Is live not too far from me and they've become pretty popular in England this past year.
They play energetic pop punk and know how to have fun -think All Time Low's sets. 

For Fans Of: All Time Low (obviously!), Tonight Alive, State Champs.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys Right Stage.

Back when I was a kid, the only music I listened to pretty much consisted of Busted, Mcfly, S Club 7 and the Spice Girls etc. But when I was 11/12 I came across Green Day, Blink 182, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and Simple Plan.
These were the bands that started it all for me. And being some of the main contenders of the pop punk scene in the late 90's/ early 00's, I know they sparked a all new generation.
Simple Plan were probably my favourite when I first discovered this scene. They still do have a very special place in my heart.
Unfortunately, I have never seen them live. However, they are very high on my concert wishlist!

For Fans Of: New Found Glory and any of the bands mentioned just above.

Obviously this list would include Neck Deep
The Wrexham lot quickly became my favourites when I first saw them supporting someone last year and so far they haven't let me down. 
Energetic? Yep. Fun? Yep. Crazy? Yep. Neck Deep shows are never dull.

Look just go and see them. You won't be disappointed ok.

For Fans Of: The Story So Far, The Wonder Years, State Champs.
Find Them This Summer: Journeys Left Stage.

Can you believe The Wonder Years have been around ten years?! Whaaat?!
Signed to Hopeless Records, these guys play pop punk at it's finest. 
Maybe it's because I'm 21 and agree with the lyrics a lot, but I believe this is a band that can connect with many young adults. 
The Wonder Years are one of the best bands that came out of the pop punk revival in the early noughties. They're pretty exceptional and, from what I've seen, so are their live sets.

For Fans Of: Four Year Strong, The Story So Far, Fireworks, Title Fight.
Find Them This Summer: Shark Stage.

And of course it's everyone's favourites! 
You didn't really think I would finish this post without Pierce The Veil did you?!
What can I say about PTV?  Everyone knows them. Everyone loves them. And there's a reason for that. 
On record, this is a band that have a lot of energy and variety. On stage, that kind of thing is often lost. Not with Pierce The Veil. 
I saw them on The World Tour with Sleeping With Sirens, and, although their set was kinda short for my liking, they put on a hell of a show.
You know when you get popping candy in your mouth? That's what their sets are like.

For Fans Of: Sleeping With Sirens, A Day To Remember, D.R.U.G.S, Chiodos.
Find Them This Summer: Unicorn Stage.

Of course this isn't every band I would recommend seeing. If I did that we'd be here for days!
But these are the main ones that I definitely recommend.
A few others: Citizen, Pvris, H2O, We came As Romans, Our Last Night, Sense Fail, Mod Sun, Moose Blood, Handguns, Hands Like Houses, Trophy Eyes & Emarosa.

Are any of you going to Warped this year?
Who are you looking forward to seeing?
P.S- Can I just point out how stupidly happy it makes me that there's a stage they've named "Unicorn Stage!"
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