Saturday, 31 May 2014

"Whatever Happens, Just Remember To Put One Foot In Front Of The Other"

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When Katy Perry brought her California Dreams tour over to the UK in 2011, I missed out on tickets. When she added new dates, I missed out again.
I brought her DVD and was insanely jealous of anyone who got to see the tour in person. 

On Wednesday, I finally got to see her live at London's O2 Arena for her Prismatic tour.
My hopes were high. And she did not disappoint.

Her vocals were on point. Production was crazy, and her outfits were perfect.
It probably sounds biased coming from me since this woman is literally my Queen (not joking) but I've never been to a show like this before. Sure, I've been to plenty of concerts over the years, and many have had a big stage set up. But nothing on this level.

She had gladiators with neon mohawks, a giant cat play area, floating emojis, a garden and a MASSIVE birthday cake. She dressed up as cat (hence play area), danced around in an inflatable car, covered Madonna's Vogue, and floated around the whole arena with balloons (see below)

I had standing tickets and managed to get third row. Everything was perfect. 
The whole venue was filled with love and happiness. I danced my socks off and sung my heart out. 

I've seen alot of people bashing on her recently and that kind of upsets me. She clearly had a lot of fun creating a magical show filled with weirdness and I for one, completely love her for it.

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