Saturday, 17 May 2014

Aussie Bands Take Over!

Photo Credit: One, Two, Three

For some reason, over the last few weeks, Aussie bands have taken over my twitter. A few have recently followed me and sent me sweet little messages asking to check out their music -which I politely did so. And a couple have been spoken about via people I follow on there. 
One of them is Forever Ends Here. 

The first song I heard by these Sydney locals was Yours Sincerely, I Believed I then checked out their other songs, downloaded their EP, and completely fell in love with them. I've basically had them on repeat for about a month now. 
The band -which consists of brothers Luke (Vocals/Guitar) and Kane (Drums) and their best friends Jackson (Guitar) and Mav (Bass)- have clearly been inspired by one of my favourites, All Time Low. However, they've definitely put their own spin on the pop-punk genre. Luke has a really unique voice and I'm sure you'll find yourself falling in love with these Aussie lads.

Also I'm halfway through a drawing of these guys which you'll be able to see on my Instagram.

For Fans Of: All Time Low, Tonight Alive, You Me At Six.
Personal Favourites: "Yours Sincerely, I Believed" "100 Times Over" "Somewhere Somehow" "Here's To The Night" "Starships (Cover"

Photo Credit: OneTwo, Three

I think I discovered these guys through another Australian band that I listen to. 
The Adelaide quartet also play pop-punk and have also been inspired by the likes of All Time Low, Blink 182 and Tonight Alive, much like Forever Ends Here. 
Also like FEH, Day Break have put their own little spin on the pop-punk style. They make me want to dance around and sing really loud (rhyming not intentional)
Marcus (lead singer/guitarist), Vis (Guitar), Nic (Drums) and Jaxon (Bass) have already toured with the likes of  Tonight Alive, With Confidence and the boys from FEH. They regularly update their YouTube channel with orginal songs and covers by The  Summer Set, All Time Low, Hot Chelle Rae and others.

They make me happy and I highly suggest you listen to them. 

For Fans Of: 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, The Summer Set.
Personal Favourites: "Dear Amelia" "Not Another Teenage Melodrama" "Fallen For You"

Hope you all enjoyed a bit of Australian-ness (is that even a word)
Hopefully one day these two will make it over onto British land.

What do think of the Australian music scene?

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