Friday, 29 March 2013

Somewhere New.

I really hope my last post didn't sound like I was craving attention or needed the sympathy vote; I didn't and still don't. I just needed somewhere to get it off my chest and my blog felt like the right place.

I've been MIA again. My bedroom's being redecorated this week so I've been packing everything in boxes and clearing things out of my room. Busy bee.

But whilst browsing youtube (I'm a bit addicted to it) I came across this band called 5 Seconds Of Summer. And they're amazing. Their cover of Busted's Year 3000 came up in my recommendations and still being the ten-year-old-obsessed-busted fan that I am, I felt compelled to click on it. And I'm so glad I did.
Apparently, they're currently supporting One Direction (no idea if this is correct) so if it's true then I get to see them on Thursday.  Pretty excited for that.
They're a pop-rock band from Australia -and if you know me then you know I love the Aussie accent. Plus they're cute which is always a bonus.

Check them out if you haven't. I don't think you'll regret it.

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