Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I Accidentally Went Shopping. Again.

Blue Shirt; New Look, Floral Tank Top; H&M, Black Bow Clip; Claire's, Rings; New Look.

I had a day off work today and I went shopping. 
I had quite a good day. Although I didn't do much, I had some 'me' time and it was just a very unstressful day.
Plus, I got some cute items whilst out.
The blue shirt from new look is quite different from what I usually wear, but I saw it and instantly fell in love.
The picture doesn't do it justice.
And I've been looking for a big bow hair clip for ages and I just found the perfect one from Claire's.

Also, if you don't already, watch Zoella on youtube
I've been obsessively watching her videos recently.
She has such great taste in clothes and make up and I've been very inspired by her fashion choices recently.
(maybe why I loved that shirt so much.)


  1. I love Zoella too! She's my fave on Youtube! x

  2. This shirt is so cute, I love it. :)