Saturday, 2 February 2013

Review | Topshop Whimsical Lipstick

 Topshop Lips In Whimsical £8

Please don't judge. I am not the sort of girl that goes crazy for make-up.
I like it, yes, but I don't wear a lot of it. Mainly due to the fact that I don't actually know how to even put half of it on.
So, when I was doing my normal 1am online retail therapy via topshop, I was fairly shocked that I became incredibly intrigued by a particular lipstick. This one to be precise. 
I've never really worn lipstick. I'm a natural redhead, and with that comes ridicuously pale skin. 
Therefore, a lot of lipstick shades I've liked over the years have either made me look like a clown or so pale that I actaully look increbily ill.

However, after reading a ton of reviews I decided to try this one.
It's more of peachy coral colour rather than you're everyday nude pink.
Which is lovely because it means I don't look washed out.
And it's fairly easy to apply -it has a matte finish and is quite creamy.

I've never brought anything from the Topshop make-up line simply because I didn't believe Topshop would make decent make-up. but I've been pleasantly surprised.
I will definitely be trying other products from their beauty line.

Have you tried anything from the Topshop make-up line?

P.S- This is my first ever review. How did I do?

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