Monday, 30 July 2012


Sunglasses; H&M, Shoes; New Look, Socks; Matalan.

Yesterday, I told my mum I need to stop spending so much.
Today, I went shopping.
In my defense, the only things that I brought were in the sale or for my dad's birthday present.
I found these really cute little wedges whilst rummaging through the sale at new look. 
Given what I said yesterday (which is what I've been saying for the past month btw) I debated buying them for the best part of two hours. until I eventually gave up and went back to get them. I'm thinking I should probably feel pretty guilty about spending even more money. Buuut, they were in the sale. 
Plus they're super adorable.


  1. Wow those shoes! They are adorable, my goodness. I need to get myself a pair. Plus I love your blog, it's so cute and lovely. New follower here! :)

    Elle - - xo

    1. Aww thank you love your blog too :)