Friday, 17 August 2012

Newquay Loving

So I disappeared for a while right.
I've been a bit, all over the place, shall I put it. And I mean literally. 
To be fair, they have been good. The weather has been lovely and I've been travelling with my cousin, Jodie, (who I haven't seen in forever) for almost two weeks. 
I had a lovely, no amazing time in Cornwall. 
We went down for the Relentless Boardmasters surf and skate competitions. Just the fresh air and the freedom, no stress, no worries, just chill music, sunshine and good company.
Our diet consisted of relentless cans and waffles. yeah it was just amazing.
We've already planned our trip next year.
Then on Wednesday, me and brother took Jodie to London since she's never been and it was our last day with her before she went home.
I miss her already. And she's been gone 24 hours.

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