Thursday, 2 November 2017

We Need To Talk About... Millie Bobby Brown.

Like the majority of the worlds population, I spent the best part of my weekend binge watching season 2 of Stanger Things.
If you've been living under a rock for the past 365 days, Stranger Things is easily the coolest thing to come out of 2016. There's no argument there. But coming up very close behind, was it's breakout star, Millie Bobby Brown. 

 Aside from Stranger Things, Millie has starred in Once Upon A Time, NCIS and Grey's Anatomy, has been featured in Sia and The XX's music videos, and is signed to IMG models. If that's not enough, she is said to be Raf Simons' muse for his latest Calvin Klein collection, has become a regular fixture on FROWs, she's crazy confident and rocks a ballsy attitude.
Oh, and she's thirteeen. THIRTEEN.

Since ST is set in the 80's, she spends the vast amount of her time in simple t-shirts and jeans or her now iconic pink dress/blonde wig combo, but a quick scroll through her instagram proves that we could all maybe learn a thing or two from her.
Rocking bold colours and quirky prints, her style is polished and poised yet always age appropriate. At events, she wears gorgeous designer dresses, and edges it up by adding, biker boots, converse or a leather jacket.

Back in 2006, thirteen year old me was awkwardly throwing together some insane mix of emo, 90's grunge, and 70's skater looks. It wasn't pretty.
But then I wasn't overnight phenomenon, Millie Bobby Brown. She's definitely not going through an awkward phrase.

I definitely did not think I'd be getting fashion inspiration from a thirteen year old.
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