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Review | My Little Box September 2017

I like to keep things on this happy, talk about things that I've been enjoying, whether that's music, fashion or things I've been doing.
Unfortunatley, this post is not going to be particularly happy.

If  you read regularly, you'll know I've been receiving the French monthly subscription service, My Little Box, since they launched in the UK, so for three years now. I've always raved about them on here, and to friends and family, and am rarely disappointed. Until now. Sigh.

First off, this months box was late. Very late. Like over two weeks late. There was email or message on their site to say it would be late, nor has there been any explanation for the delay as I write this.
Second, usually there is 5 products for each month -2 lifestyle/fashion and 3 beauty- there was only 4 this month. That I can deal with. If the products are good. However, the products this month were extremely disappointing and I'll only be able to use 1/4 of them.

There's a lot of upset customer regarding this months box, but I'll try to go into this review as normal, and give my honest and unbiased opinions.

Sorry in advance for this disappointing, and maybe a little angry review. MLB have let me down big time.

The only lifestyle product this month was this simple white t-shirt. teaming up with Parisian fashion brand, Rouje, the shirt simply says "Les filles en rouje" which I believe translats to "Girls in red" (Please correct me if I'm wrong.)
I like this shirt. It's the only product out of this months box that I will actually use.
I've seen a lot of people complaining about this online, and unless you're smaller than a UK size 14 it won't fit you. And honestly, coming from a clothing brand, I would expect something more than a plain tee with a small piece of text on it.

Now onto the beauty bag. This is where it gets bad for me guys. 
For starters these two products from French beauty brand, Nuxe are both oils. One for the shower and one dry oil, which I've received in previous boxes. . I can't get on with oil based products. I come out feeling more oily and dirty than I did before applying. I'm not sure if it's me doing something wrong or if it's the actual product, but I've tried a few different brands so I think it's more my skin type that's the issue.
Fortunatley, I know people who do enjoy these products, so I guess I'll be giving these two away.

The final product for this month is MLB's own branded lipstick. I've always really enjoyed their beauty products and it's one of the reasons I love the subscription so much. 
This particualr lipstick is a very beautiful red and the formula is so smooth and lovely to apply.
However, due to my ginger hair and pale skin combo, I often look like Pennywise the clown with red lipstick. I have to be very picky when choosing lippy. My stepmum, who has some kind of lipstick obsession, will look fab in this, so luckily it will get used. I just wish it was me using it considering I'm the own paying for all this.

So there you go. Overall, an incredibly disappointing box for this month.
I always think they could so much with September boxes in particular, due to the fashion weeks. The fact they teamed up with a fashion brand as well, just feels like a spit in the face.
This box has always been one of my favourites.
All the products will get used by family/ friends. So they won't go to waste. I just wish it was me using it considering I'm the one paying for all this.

Big thumbs down to MLB.
Also, they desperately need to work on updating their customers on the whereabouts of the boxes.
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