Sunday, 1 January 2017

Ones To Watch 2017 | Part 1

Happy New Year Everyone!

To kick start this year off, I'm doing my annual round up of who you need to keep an eye on!
None of these photos are mine but they have been edited by me.

Starting things off, we've got Chris Bourne. I''ve known about this guy for years now. I'm a fan of his brothers work (see here) and I was a fan of his old bands, Hollywood Ending and The Bourne Insanity. On top of that he's helped write songs for 5 Seconds Of Summer. 2016 saw him releasing his own music, an infectious, retro pop punk vibe, perfect for dreaming about the 80's (even if you weren't alive then)
This year will see him headlining his own UK tour, and hopefully more music. Let's just say I'm excited to see more from Chris.

For Fans Of: Busted, Mcfly, R5, The Summer Set, We The Kings, Wheatus.
Personal Favourites: MFT80s, She Drives Me Crazy, Young Love Relapse

Moon Coven are a recent find for me. About a month ago, I was looking up a completely different band when I stumbled upon this psychedelic rock band from Sweden.
Their music is sludgy and grungy, but not to be confused with "just another stoner rock band". The five piece released their second full length in 2016, which was filled to the brim of aggressive guitar solos and dynamic and confident lyrics, sure to leave you dazed.
I can't hep but wonder why there hasn't been more talk about Moon Coven. Don't throw them to one side, do yourself a favour and take them in.

For Fans Of: Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Wasted Theory.
Personal Favourites: Storm, Conspiracy, White Sun.

Someone I know through youtube introduced me to this one. Tor Miller is a New Yorker who is unabashedly confident. His music consists of 70's throwbacks and tributes to his hometown. 
The latest in a string of male solo artists, Miller has his odd quirk that sets him apart from the rest. He is refreshing, confident and his energy is anything but subtle. His song are catchy and inspiring yet intense with a dash of soaring choruses.
Inspired by Jazz, Soul and the icons from a time before his, Miller's debut album showcases his distinct and extensive vocal range, proving this may be a singer who becomes timeless.

For Fans Of: Amy Winehouse, Ed Sheeran, Jeff Buckley, Sam Smith.
Personal Favourites: Always, Hold The Phone, Midnight, Baby Blue.

Come back Wednesday for the last three!!
Much Love.
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