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Top 10 Albums Of 2016.

This year has been a little, well, shit.
There's not really a good way of putting that. 
From political arguments to way, way too many deaths, 2016 has been tough for all of us.
On a good note though, there have been some absolute stonkers on the music scene.
Legends returned while newbies marked their name, these are my top ten favourite albums of 2016.
No particular order of course.

Busted pretty much ruled England 13 years ago, however after their break up in early 2005, a third album seemed almost as far away as pigs flying. Flash-forward to 2016, an actual tour called Pigs Can Fly later, and we've finally got ourselves a third instalment from the British trio. Night Driver showcases a completely different, mature and sophisticated Busted than what we had all originally fallen in love with. The 80's synth-pop brings a retro feel to their old school pop/rock persona they had once embodied. Nostalgia pretty much hit me in the gut with this album. Also Charlie's voice = 
Release Date: November 2016
Personal Favourites: "One Of A Kind", "Thinking Of You"

I've fallen hard for these guys. Honestly, everyone is probably sick of me talking about With Confidence, but trust me when I say they are incredible. The Aussie lads create the most perfect pop punk I might ever hear, a blend of the classics from the late 90's/early 00's mixed in with their own style. Every song on Better Weather features relatable and meaningful lyrics and positive messages, making this possibly the important album to hit the alternative scene this year. Believe me when I say these boys are going to be huge.
Release Date: June 2016
Personal Favourites: "Archers", "Waterfall", "Voldemort", "Keys"

When I first heard Against The Current, and I hate to say this, I wasn't impressed. They sounded very similar to multiple other bands and I felt they weren't really bringing anything new to the table. Then they slapped me round the face with their debut, In Our Bones. I will admit it. I was very wrong about these New Yorkers. Their debut album saw them take what was great with pop punk and expand on it. The songs are filled with positive lyrics and music perfect for dancing around to. Singer Chrissy Contanza has progressed in writing and singing to help create an arena ready debut. Congrats ATC.
Release Date: May 2016
Personal Favourites: "In Our Bones", "Chasing Ghosts", "Wasteland"

Blush is the second album from emo quartet, Moose Blood. The British lads have taken all the things you loved about emo in 2005 and made it more mature, experimental and ultra sweet. Using punchy melodies on songs like "Knuckles", there's a bouncy summery sheen to the album, before they bring in "Shimmer" and "Spring". Which will basically crush your heart into a million pieces.
Release Date: August 2016
Personal Favourites: "Honey", "Knuckles"

I'm a strong believer that The 1975's debut album is their best so far. However, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It, is bold, odd yet sophisticated. Although I find parts of this record dull and slow, I enjoy the ambitious drive throughout this album that makes it somewhat bizarre and baffling in places. The lyrics are clever and often wryly funny, while the music is sharp, stadium ready and, at points, electrifying. 
Release Date: February 2016
Personal Favourites: "The Sound", "A Change Of Heart", "Paris"

This is the album that almost broke The Summer Set. Basically before this album, the pop punk quartet were a bit hit or miss for a while. Thankfully though they worked things out and became a hit. Stories For Monday is the fourth album from the Arizona band and holds some of the best songs of their career. Filled with feel good choruses and sing along chants, Stories For Monday will radiate sunshine out of you, will have you wishing for summer, running down the beach and creating the most perfect memories. All whilst bursting pop punk flavoured bubble gum.
Release Date: April 2016
Personal Favourites: "All My Friends", "Change Your Mind", "Missing You"

I've completely fallen head over heels in love with Shawn Mendes this year. At just 18, his voice is somewhat mesmerising and just downright gorgeous. The lyrics are also mature considering his age, and sincere. The album as a whole is kind of John Mayer like with a sprinkle of pop. I honestly don't believe there is a bad song on here. And that's why Illuminate has made the top ten.
Release Date: September 2016
Personal Favourites: "Lights On", "Honest, "Patience", "Ruin"

We all knew there was pressure on Pierce The Veil following 2012's Collide With The Sky. Let's be real, that was a damn good album with literally no filler songs on there. It took them four years but they did it, and it was definitely worth the wait. Misadventures showcases a more mature and polished Pierce The Veil, with riffs and harmonics, pained and passionate lyrics, and let's not forget the menacing screams. The whole album oozes quality. Now I'm wondering how the hell they're going to follow this one up.
Release Date: May 2016
Personal Favourites: "Circles", "Floral and Fading", "Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed", "Bedless"

Technically, this is an EP, but I'm including it because every song is a hit and it's my list. Movements released Overgrown Things back in March, and the whole is basically a hard kick in the gut. The lyrics are heavy and vulnerable, while the instruments create an emotional roller coaster of melodies and haunting guitar riffs. I believe there's a song on here that everyone will be able to relate to at some point in their life. I'm looking forward to see what else these guys create.
Release Date: March 2016
Personal Favourites: "Kept", "Nineteen" "Losing Fight"

Blues & Lonesome is the first album The Rolling Stones have made in over ten years.
I don't think I have to explain anymore.

Release Date: December 2016
Personal Favourites: "Just Your Fool", "Little Rain", "Ride 'Em On Down"

Honourable Mentions
 Blink 182- California ■ Black Foxxes- I'm Not Well
Real Friends- Home Inside My Head  ■ A Day To Remember- Bad Vibrations
Like Pacific- Distant Like You Asked ■  Red Hot Chili Peppers- The Getaway
Lights- Midnight Machines ■ Safe To Say- Down In The Dark
Homesafe- Evermore ■ Bayside- Vacancy

Hope you all liked my top ten!
This years been pretty good for music and so far 2017 is looking pretty great too. Let's just hope all the other negative things stop.
What albums are on you top ten for 2016?
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