Sunday, 11 September 2016

Review | My Little Box September 2016

This month My Little Box have gone back to their roots with all things Parisian!
September is the fashion month, and in honour of that MLB have teamed up with designer, Claudie Pierlot and blogger, Freddy Cousin-Brown ( to you a box full carefree and captivating French goodies!

First in the box is an essential and timeless piece. A purse designed in collaboration with French designer, Claudie Pierlot, it features a charming envelope style, with the Pierlot's signature bow on the front. Chic, elegant, simple, carefree and slightly mischievous. The perfect accessory for any Mademoiselle.

Whether you've been having fun in the sun this summer, running to and from work or even had an eventful evening the night before, Erborian have got you covered. 
This single-sheet mask is made with a microfibre material and saturated with ginseng serum. You can use whilst having your breakfast, and will leave your face feeling soft and refreshed, ready for the day ahead.

Oh, Essie, Essie, Essie. I love you. 
I recieved the shade, Good As Gold. How do I describe this shade? Well, gold. 
Perfect as we roll into Autumn, this nail varnish is perfect for day and night, and pretty any event. 
I'm big fan of Essie, as you only need one coat and it lasts a long time before chipping.

Something I love about Parisian women -their effortless, natural yet completely flirtatious approach to make up. It's never over done, but their eyes always capture you. When I think of Parisian beauty, I think long, seductive eyelashes complete with a smokey eye.
MLB have created a perfect mascara, which definitely seems to leave your eyelashes longer than they were originally. 
Simple, yet so damn elegant. Perfect for a midnight rendezvous in the french capital.
Also can we talk about how cute this packaging is?!

The Mademoiselle box is beautiful, and I love every product featured.
Perfect for the transition from summer to autumn, MLB have got me wistfully dreaming of being back in Paris.
Maybe one day soon...
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