Monday, 18 April 2016

Concert Round Up.

Basically I suck at blogging. 
I've been slacking a bit on recent gigs I've been to, so I figured I would one big round up. 
Let's go!

Tonight Alive, Our Last Night & Milk Teeth 
I saw TA a year ago and I had an amazing time. They put on a fantastic show and you could tell they loved what they were doing. This time was... different.
I've barely enjoyed their new album and they played a lot of new songs this time around. I know they're really proud of the new music, however the album and their show in Portsmouth lacked for me. I wish I could tell you exactly what it is, but I can't.
Our Last Night and Milk Teeth were both amazing though.   

Derren Brown 
My best friend Katie loves Derren Brown. I've watched a couple of tv programs he's been on, but know very little about him. However, when Katie suggested going to his tour, I figured, why not?!
I've never been to any magic/ illusionist show before so I thought it would be fun. And it was. There were parts that I didn't find entertaining, but the majority of it was very well done. Mr Brown is a very intelligent man.

LIGHTS & Pixel Fix
I've been a fan of Lights for maybe 9 or 10 years now. But this was the first time seeing her live. The woman is unreal.                                       Pixel Fix were surporting, and they were really good. I highly recommend you listen to their music.
Anyway, back to Lights. She is incredible. There was this insane energy radiating of her. From the moment she stepped on stage till, well, I don't know really, I'm still feeling it and it's been a good month. Her music puts me in a good mood. Two girls got engaged on stage during her set and it was so beautiful, even Lights was crying.                If you're considering going to one of Lights' shows, do it. You will not be disappointed. The fact that I'm still feeling her energy over a month later should tell you all you need to know.

Sunset Sons & Louis Berry
My brother and his friend saw Sunset Sons at a festival last year and loved them. So they got tickets to their show in Brighton a couple of weeks ago. My brother said I should go because I'd really love them. I listened to one song and booked my ticket.
Louis Berry was supporting. A cheeky lad from the depths of Liverpool. He was really good. He had a Jake Bugg kind of vibe about him but without the cockiness.
Sunset Sons have that fantastic surfer-rock-good-vibes-only feel to their music, and I'm sucker for that sort of music. So naturally I feel in love with them. Their album will be getting a lot of plays this summer.


Neck Deep, Creeper & WSTR
I won't discuss the supports too much on this one. I got to the venue towards the end of WSTR's set so I can't comment on them, and Creeper I didn't really enjoy. They were from Southampton and a lot of people knew/liked them so maybe it was just me.
Neck Deep though. Oh, Neck Deep. I have a lot of love these guys. If you want to read more about my love for them go here. But these lads have always put on an incredible show.
I was having a bad day and almost didn't go, but they cheered me up completely. They've never failed to do that so far.

Much Love.
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