Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Coachella | My Fashion Favourites.

None of the photos belong to me. Although I have edited to them. 
All links to photo sources are linked underneath each photo.

Festival season has officially kicked with bohohemian's love that is Coachella.
Usually I'm so jealous and spend the whole of April dreaming I could be there. This year though, I didn't really think the line up was that great. There was only maybe 3 or 4 bands and artists I was interested. 
Despite it being a music festival, it's also a celeb hotspot and a fantastic place to show off some new fashion items.  It's become known for those two things more than the music. Which is kind of sad actually. 
I realised this year that alot of people only went to post good pictures on instagram. It's a music festival. Go for the music.
that probably sounds incredibly hypocritical, considering what this blog post is about. But I love the effortless, bohohemian style on a daily basis, so I feel this is a way to share that love with you all.
Please don't go purely for taking photos.

Go for the music, the love, the good vibes, and the memories.
If you happen to have great style- bonus points to you.
Much Love.
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