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Review | My Little Box September 2015

Can you believe it's been a whole year since My Little Box started delivering to the UK?!
Time flies. And MLB have definitely not lost any of my love.
Throwback to my first ever review for them!
My first review was full of me being nervous and excited (I had never really done any reviews as in-depth as that) I took a long time writing that post, and since then I've always been so excited for MLB to arrive. Not just because they are constantly filled with beautiful items, but also, I really enjoy writing these blog posts.

Last September's box was an introduction to French beauty box and all things Parisian.  This year, MLB have taken inspiration from the fashion world.
Obviously, September is the time of the year when some of the most famous cities play host to beautiful clothes, miles of catwalks and fashion darlings have an absolute ball.
Oh yes, Fashion Weeks.

This beautiful scarf has been designed exclusively for My Little Box by American Vintage.
I received a grey and black one but there is also a blue and white one available. 
The scarf itself, is incredibly soft and looks absolutely gorgeous. MlB have also provided a few unique ways to wear your scarf .

I was quite surprised to find this teeny tiny bottle of Cointreau inside this months box, but I love it! 
I'm 22, so I can legally drink, and me and my friends always end up ordering cocktails when we go out. (Our favourites are definitely woo woo's!) 
They also threw in a little cocktail recipe book, so I'm going to be spending a lot of time creating cocktails at home now.

Nail Decals by Alfa-K

Next up, these cute pastel coloured nail decals. I usually just stick with your regular one coloured nails. Boring. I know.
These graphic designs will surely make a statement no matter where you're heading. Mix and match patterns, plus you can easily take them off with regular nail polish remover.
I can't find this exact design online (I think these were designed specifically for MLB) but feel free to check out Alfa-K's website. Prices start from

                                                         Red Dingue Lip Colour by My Little Beauty, 22 euro
Now onto the make up bag!
First up from MLB's own range -this gorgeous bright red lip colour. 
It's incredibly wonderful to apply, lasts a long time and is sure to make statement at any fashion show or party. May not suitable for school though...
Unfortunately, it does not go with my pale skin/ red hair combo. (I've mentioned this problem several times before. I'm sorry.)

If like me, you love the whole surfer, beach babe, beautiful wavey hair look, you'll love this product.
With only a tiny amount, Kerastase brings your locks texture and volume without having the aftermath of sticky, salty sea. You're going to look like you just stepped off a beach even if you're in the middle of  London and it's a week before Christmas!

This was my least favourite product this month. 
The BB Cream was easy to apply and blended into the skin pretty well, buuuut, I found it to be very drying on my skin. No moisturiser at all. My cheeks felt very dry and I didn't even have it on for a particularly long time. 

Although there was a couple of products that I won't use (you can probably guess which ones) I have a couple of friends who will get use out of them, so they won't go to waste. 

This months box was beautiful! 
I'm a total sucker for fashion week. 
Mix it in with My Little Box, and well, yeah, you know I'm going to love it!
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