Thursday, 19 February 2015

Review | My Little Box February 2015

This month, My Little Box decided not to go with the stereotypical Valentine's theme for February. Instead, they brought in French model and designer, Ines de La Fressange.

The first item in the box was beautiful red phone case designed by Ines herself.
The case is strong and well made, and features a popper closure and even a little pocket on the front to put notes, business or even credit/debit cards.
It will fit almost every smart phone (think iphone size) and is super cute.

This is probably my favourite thing from this months box -an adorable little a message jar!
Inside there is beauty tips, quotes and even positive notes to brighten up your day.
There is enough for you to pick out one note every morning for 28 days. I think this is so cute!!

The first thing in February's make up bag was a pencil eyeliner. 
I use eyeliner pretty much every day, so I'm always happy to receive one in subscriptions boxes. (I go through them pretty quickly!)
By Terry's eyeliner is so soft and very smooth to apply. Although you an't quite see it on my swatch above, the black does have a hint of silver glitter to it, which I thought was a very lovely touch. 
This is a really nice product but it a little pricey for my liking.

I've never been someone who does anything to their eyebrows. I'm fortunate enough to have never needed them plucked nor have I ever decided to fill them in. Basically when it comes to eyebrows, I'm pretty clueless.
I'm not entirely sure what this plumper does but it definitely does something. My eyebrows appear more fuller and even slightly darker. 

So far I've been very impressed with MLB's own beauty range. Unfortunately, I'm not sure about this product. 
I'm a very pale person and I've also never been someone who's big on the whole foundation/blusher/bronzer part of make up. (I like lips and eyes)
I felt this enhancer was slightly too dark for my skin tone and it made my skin feel a little oily.
Sorry My Little Beauty...

Oil Blotting Paper by DHC, 100 sheets for £4

This is another item I probably won't get much use out of. I don't have oily skin nor ever had a problem with a shiny face. I think I'm going to give these to my sister as I know she has had problems with oily skin.

The make up bag this month was quite disappointing. The only product I think will get much use is the eyeliner. Possibly the eyebrow plumper as well. 
Unfortunately, I don't think the enhancer and blotting paper is going to get much use. 
However, this has been the only time MLB have disappointed me on more than one item so it really doesn't bother me too much.

My favourite item this month was easily the message jar.
What was yours?
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