Sunday, 25 January 2015

Review | My Little Box January 2015

Welcome to the first My Little Box review of 2015! I'm excited to see what they bring out this year. 2014 was very good them!

Much like Birchbox, this months My Little Box has choosen a typical January I-will-be-healthy-this-year theme. They've opted to go for a slightly better name for that though, using My Little Energy Box.

First up in the box was an adorable little calender.
Inside, there's inspirational messages, a sudoku, a checklist/ quiz for your 2015, and even a notes section for you.
Featuring art by in-house designer, Kanako, this tiny calendar is about A4 sized (when folded) and will fill your year with cute and quirk-yness throughout.

Next up was another MLB exclusive, thir My Little Sports Bag!
This was ridiculously hard to take pictures of, and I haven't been very well recently so none of me holding it...excuses, excuses....
So far it seems pretty sturdy and strong, and is big enough to fit everything you may need for a gym/swimming/beach day session.
Plus, its super cute.
But then again, so is everything MLB create.

Tate by Nails Inc, £11 for 10ml.

I happen to be someone that really, really likes nail varnish, okay I love it.
I also happen to be someone that owns almost every colour under the sun. 
From previous experience, Nails Inc, are a very trustworthy brand. The product lasts a long time and looks gorgeous. 
I received the colour Tate, which is kind of a blood red shade. I happen to really like this shade, but Nails Inc have a such a big range of colours I'm sure you'll find one to suit your style.

I've never heard of Talika before, but I've been using this product on days when I don't use my Yes To face cream. (I use that about 2-3 times a week) 
This cream feels very good once it's been first put on, however I'm not sure if it's actually doing anything to my skin. 
The price is a little heavy for my liking as well. Sorry Talika.

So far I have been very impressed with MLB's own beauty range, My Little Beauty, available here.
Unfortunately, they don't ship to the UK which is quite a bummer.

This month I recieved their Face & Body mist, which at first, admittedly, I didn't quite see the point in. However, use this after a work out, and oh my.
Created using  green tea, vitamin C, aloe vera, orange and sunflower oil, you feel cooler and definitely more energised instantly.
You could even take this down the beach with you in the summer to get that cool feeling whilst sunbathing.

My Little Box is easily my favourite subscription box. In their magazine (which comes in each box) their was even healthy recipes and a workout routine for 30 days.

I'm excited to see what they do for the month of love.
I can't believe I just said month of love...blerghhh
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  1. Nice review. I love My Little Box! I think it is the best subscription box I have tried so far.
    I totally agree with you - this bag was so hard to get in the picture! I can't wait for summer to take Face and Body Mist with me to the beach.

    Life of Jana

    1. Thank you! I completely agree with you about it being the best box! It's ,so different from the other subscription boxes I've tried Emma xx