Friday, 9 January 2015

Ones To Watch 2015 | Part 1

Last year I made my own little "ones to watch" for 2014. You can view them here and here.
I actually really enjoyed putting that list together, and I got some pretty good feedback from some people, so I figured I would do one for this year!
Please note that all photos have been edited by me.

First up is With Confidence. I got into these guys a few months ago, through another band that they were touring with.
This Aussie 4 piece -made up of Jayden, Josh, Inigo and Luke- have already supported the likes of  Tonight Alive, You Me At Six and The Wonder Years.
As far as I'm aware these Sydney boys are currently unsigned, but I'm sure their alternative sound is going to take them far.
Their second EP is currently up for pre order here. Hopefully one day they can get their butts to England because I've been listening to them an insane amount over the past couple of months.

Personal Favourites: "I will Never Wait", "Take Me Away", "Tonight", "Stand Again"
For Fans Of: You Me At Six, The Dangerous Summer and Anarbor.

If you watch youtubers you will most probably have heard of Patty Walters. Well he's in a band. And they happen to be pretty damn good.
As It Is have recently signed to Fearless Records, making them the first UK band to ever sign to the label. The quintet are currently recording their debut album and there is ALOT of talk surrounding them.
Hailing in from Brighton, which btw happens to be just down the road from me, 2015 will see As It Is touring non stop , including a spot on Warped tour for the whole summer. Plus with their album release, 2015 will be a big year for these guys.

Personal favourites: "Horoscopes", Bitter, Broken Me"
For Fans Of: The Wonder Years, All Time Low, Tonight Alive.

Now, Halsey is an artist I've only recently found out about. But I'm in love.
This indie-pop artist from New Jersey has just released her debut EP, Room 93, and on her blog, has desribed her music as being "about sex and being sad".
Her softly sweet vocals mixed with the grittiness of the lyrics will punch you straight in the gut.
I already know that 2015's summer evenings will be spent with this little lady on repeat. And I;m pretty sure the radio stations will be agreeing with me on that one.
Plus she seems like the coolest kid ever. What's not to love?!

Personal Favourites: "Hurricane", "Ghost", "Empty Gold"
For Fans Of: CHVRCHES, Little Daylight, Haim.

Come back on Sunday for the last three!
Much love.
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