Saturday, 11 January 2014

Ones To Watch | Part 1

I was supposed to post this within the first week of January but as per usual I am past the point of fashionably late. But anyways here's a few bands/artists I think you guys need to watch out for in 2014!

First up is The Vamps. I saw these guys twice at the beginning of last summer and over the past 6 months they've really blown up. 
The 4 piece (from left- Connor, James, Brad & Tristan) are a pop-rock band -think McFly style. 
They originally started posting cover videos on youtube and have only been signed for about a year but they've already supported the likes of McFly and Selena Gomez, and are set to support Taylor Swift on her upcoming UK tour.
I am ridiculously excited for their first full length which is set to be released later this year.
I have very high hopes for them, so don't let me down boys!

Personal Favourites: "Wild Heart", "Cecilia", "Jack"
For Fans Of: One Direction, Mcfly & 5 Seconds Of Summer

The Vamps- Wild Heart Live (My Video)

Now Swim Deep is a band I only found out about maybe a month or two ago, but boy am I in love.
"Where The Heaven Are We" is an album I had on repeat for a good few days after I discovered this band. I'm not sure how to describe these guys. Think summery indie rock with a hint of romantic guitar pop thrown in, pretend you're in an early 90's film and your probably almost there. 
They make me want to grap my skateboard and cruise along the beach  or roll around on a field of daisies whilst playing them at full blast. Definitely a band I will be playing a ton during long hot summer days. Or at 4am when I can't sleep and wish to daydream.  

Personal Favourites: "Make My Sun Shine", "She Changes The Weather", "The Sea", "Soul Trippin"
For Fans Of: The 1975, Coasts, Haim, Tribes, Blackbird Blackbird & Phoenix.

This is probably the one who I'm most excited to hear from this year. Due to the fact that his voice is about as perfect as ones voice can get.
Exeter boy, Luke Friend was my personal favourite on 2013's X Factor -he had his own style, made every song his own, had a fantastic selection of shirts each week, and don't get me started on his hair.
He plays Indie-pop-rock (I see a bit of a pattern emerging here...)  and has a real beautifully raw, raspy voice. 
He's posted many covers and some originals on youtube over the years before entering (and then coming third) X Factor. And reportedly he's in talks with record labels. 
I hope so because the world needs to hear this boys music. 

Personal Favourites: "What Makes You Beautiful", "Sex", "Commitments", "Bascially Older"
For Fans Of: Jake Bugg & The 1975, 

I'm going to post three more  tomorrow because I didn't realise just how much I was going to write about each one.
Until then.
Much Love.

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