Thursday, 30 January 2014

I Think You And The Moon And Neptune Got It Right.

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I'm not entirely sure how, but whilst searching youtube for videos from Warped Tour the other night, I stumbled upon this rather delightful band.
Echosmith are four siblings -Jamie, Noah, Sydney and Graham Sierota- from Los Angeles. Originally called 'Ready, Set Go!', they changed their name after signing to Warner Brothers in 2012. Since then, they've toured with Owl City and Tonight Alive and also played on the Ernie Ball Stage on Warped tour during the summer of 2013.

They're debut album 'Talking Dreams' came out October last year, and after the first listen, I practically fell in love with them. The album is infectious and chilled out but also grabs your attention right up until the last second of the last song. 
Each song is different. Yet once they're altogether they somehow fit together like a perfectly mastered puzzle.

They have talent which you'd expect to come from a band with a 10 year career behind them, but in reality drummer Graham is, at 14, the youngest member, whilst oldest brother, guitarist Jamie, is still only 20. 
And at only 16, lead singer Sydney has a voice which could pretty much sum up the definition of perfect. Plus, she has amazing taste in fashion.

Seriously, go buy Echosmith's music. It's indie pop perfection from the first note right until the very last. 
I'm going to end up listening to this band a ton this year, with their upbeat tunes, they're bound to become part of the soundtrack to my summer this year. Believe me, they're worth you're time and money.

Personal Favourites: "Bright", "Tell Her You Love Her", "Up To You", "Come Together", "Talking Dreams"
For Fans Of: Foster The People, For The Foxes, The Naked And Famous.

Much Love.

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