Tuesday, 16 April 2013

I'd Rather Be...

It's that time of year again.
Where the internet gets plastered with images from the California music and arts festival Coachella, and almost everyone who isn't there wishes they were.
I am one of the "almost everyone".
The sun , the energy, the live music (there's so many ridiculously good acts that perform there!) everything makes me wish I could be there.

However, Coachella is just as much about the celebs that attend and what they're wearing as it is abut the music.
In the UK festival are wet, muddy and just down right messy. The fashion choices are generally wellies, shorts and t-shirts you don't mind either getting mud or beer on -but that's what makes the festival british.
And I think that's why I -and maybe alot of other brits- are often in quite in awe of Coachella.
It appears this festival releases the inner hippy in everyone. And that intrigues me. Because my love for all things bohemian tends to win. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

There's one girl who's fashion choices for this festival that is on point every single time; Vanessa Hudgens.
High waisted shorts, crochet, tye-dye, bandeaus, flowers, aztec prints and stacks upon stacks of rings and bracelets.
Vanessa's personal style is usually very lovely on daily basis, but when she hits Coachella it's flawless.

One day I hope to go and experience one of the weekends in Palm Springs surrounded by pretty clothes, chill people and fab music. Until then though, I'll stick to the muddiness of the Brit festivities.

Bring on weekend two of this sun fuelled fest!
Who's Coachella fashion is your personal favourite?

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