Friday, 14 July 2017

Review | My Little Box July 2017

As summer is in full swing, My Little Box have brought to you the ultimate companion for those long, hot days. Whether you live near the beach, jetting off on holiday or dreaming of dipping your toes into the crystal clear Meditteranean Sea, the Seashell Box has everything you need.

First up we have two little postcards. As someone who loves writing and recieving letters/ postcards, I was very pleased to recieve these. My cousin and I actually always write each other postcards every time one of us goes away. Much more memorable than a tweet or text.

There was also a small sweet in the shape of a shell. What I didn't realise when I took the photos, was that the shell is plastic and the sweet was inside. So just imagine a yellow-y coloured oval, hard boiled, sweet.

Perfect for bbq's and summer evenings, these small blue tealights come with lantern style holders. Unfortunately, the candles don't smell of anything and I am a little concerned that the holders are paper. A cute idea nonetheless but quite dangerous. Be careful guys!

Easily one of my favourites from this month. A two in one, pouch- pillow! Use it as a waterproof bag for any keepsakes you may need whilst at the beach/ pool. Phones, ipods, money etc. Or blow it up and voila! An instant pillow for sunbathing on! I will definitely be using this a lot this summer!

This is my other favourite for this month. A gorgeous body scrub filled with sea salt crystals, tiare flower and seaweed oils. I used this after a long day swimming and sunbathing at the beach, when my skin was left feeling dry, a little sunburnt and greasy from an obsecene amount of suncream. A slather of this in the shower exfoliated my dead skin and left me feeling soft, smooth and ready for the next day at the beach.

French brand Institut Karite have created a beautiful blend of shea butter and sweet almond oil for this hand cream. Smells incredible and a tiny pea sized amount is enough to make your hands feel baby soft and moisturising. Perfect size for your handbag as well.

Ideal for puffiness and dark circles, these eye patches are soaked with powerful, natural ingredients ready to leave tired, worn out eyes smooth, soothed and hydrated. Your eyes will most definitely thank you, trust me.

This months Seashell was filled with excellent needs for the summer months. Although I am not too sure about the candles, the rest of the box was a success.
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