Friday, 18 November 2016

Love, Courtney | Winter 2016

At the end of last year Courtney Love released a gorgeous line with Nasty Gal.
This year she's come back for round two. And it is just as beautiful.

If you read my post on last winter's collection, you'll know I was completely head over heels in love with every piece. 
Inspired by Love's own style, the collection is glamorous yet grungy, nostalgic yet timeless.
Hole's front woman has described her collections as "bad ass lingerie you can wear all day", and it definitely promises that.

The 90's are a super influential decade when it comes to fashion, with Love being highly regarded for her style. Her famous rock 'n'roll chick x dishevelled prom queen theme makes up the most this collection, and I'm sure her wardrobe, with almost every piece being versatile and adaptable. 
Think babydoll dresses, satin slips, fishnet tights, kimonos and leather jackets. Throw a ton of jewellery and some sparkly platforms, and you've found a style even Courtney would be envious of.

The capsule starts from £13 is available exclusively from Nasty gal.

Now I'm going to destroy my bank account whilst making all my 90's dreams come true.
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