Friday, 12 August 2016

Review | My Little Box August 2016

Where would we be without best friends?
There'd be cringey mirror selfies, no ridiculous inside jokes, no one to make dumb decisions with, no laughing until you're crying, no one to lean on when life gets tough, and no one to support when adulthood gets real.

Girl Friends. I think we often take those real female friends for granted a lot. August's My Little Box is all about us girls supporting each other, how we work well together and how, when we stand together, can help one another achieve our dreams. Let's celebrate girl power!

Let's be real- we all love popcorn. But it can get a bit same-old same-old sometimes.This is where Propercorn comes in. With flavours such as Peanut & Almond, Sea Salt and Sweet Coconut & Vanilla, I'm sure there's somethings there for everyone. I'm particularly intrigued by the Coconut & Vanilla and Peanut & Almond ones. Propercorn makes popcorn fun again. And at only 60 calories a pop, you don't have to feel guilty either.

The first of the lifestyle items is a super cute miniature manicure set. Perfect for travelling, the case is lovely and colourful made from a PU material, a metal trim and featuring a sturdy clasp. Inside contains 4 nail tools, which will stay nice and secure while in your handbag, wherever you may take it.

This is the item of the month for me! This is what makes this months box so perfectly perfect!
MLB have teamed up with Printic to create an exclusive, handy fish eye lens for your phone. All you do is clip-on the lens to your phone camera, remove the lens cap and open your camera. 
I tested mine out at the beach and around my mum's garden, and, as you can see they come out looking pretty good! I will definitely be taking mine down the beach this summer to get some awesome shots.
Perfect for taking wide-angle photos and will give those summer memories a little more wow!

Batiste has been a lifesaver on those days where I haven't got time to wash my greasy, un-tameable hair. Their dry shampoo has been a godsend for many years now. This month, MLB have sent their subscribers Batiste's Hold Me Hairspray. Perfect for those days when you're out all day having fun in the sun. You don't want to be worrying about your un-kept, messy hair with this product. With keratin and Inca Inchi oil, this hairspray keeps your locks silky soft and gorgeous throughout any heatwave.

The sun, heat, sand and saltwater can all dry out your skin. Kadaly's Soothing Hydramuse body cream is made with ultra-moisturising ingredients, banana, mango butter and hyaluronic acid included. Specially formulated for sun-dried skin, this cream will refresh and hydrate your body all day long. Leaving your skin so soft and baby skin smooth.

The My Little Beauty product this month is a 2-in-1. A pretty in pink lipstick and hydrating lip balm. As I mentioned above, their are more factors in the summer that can your skin poor and dry, and well, not very happy. Your lips are included in that.
Many people forget to use a lip balm with any form of SPF during summertime. Bad move guys. This 2-in-1 from MLB has an SPF 15, moisturising formula and will leave your lips looking gorgeous all day long. Also. can we just discuss for a moment how freaking cute the packaging is?!?!

I'll for sure be making the most out of these products this summer.
MLB have certainly taken the beautifully hot weather into account, what with last months box as well as this one!
Much love.
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