Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Review | My Little Box June 2016

Sandy feet, wavy hair. Suncream and BBQ in the air, midnight swims and skinny dipping. Cocktails, mocktails and fruity fun. Festivals, music and dancing all round. Surfing, swimming and Skateboarding. Bare feet, tanned skin. Bikinis, sandals, sunglasses galore! 
What does your summer look like?
Cause mine and My Little Box's looks a little like this...

This super soft tank top is perfect for all occasions. A beach cover up? Check. Music Festivals? Check. Did someone say roadtrip?! CHECK! 
Pair with denim shorts, skirts and bikinis. Complete with a cute slogan -Girls just wanna have sun- this will surely see you through everything this summer.

I know what you're thinking. TEA?! But Emma, this is summer we're talking about! I know, I know, but this is ICED tea. So it's ok.
Perfect for that ultimate refreshment whilst sunbathing in the, ahem, British sunshine.
Kusmi Tea have developed a fruity, refreshing mix of apple, berries, hibiscus tea bag. (There are over delicious fruity mixes on their website) Just add sparkling water, lemon slices and some ice, or even add strawberries for that extra fruity flavour. Hits just the right spot.

You come out of the water after a fabulous swim and you need to get changed immediately. But what do you do with that soaking wet swimsuit you just took off? MLB have the answer. Use this waterproof lifeguard to keep your bikini safe and sound whilst making sure everything else in your bag stays dry. When your in the water you can use it to keep spare undies safe, or even your phone/ ipod/ money etc. 

Do you remember the last time MLB sent me Too Faced goodies? I almost screamed the house down I was that happy. This eye shadow primer will keep your glittery eyes locked down. No disco ball at any parties and no avalanches of glitter at any festivals. 
I would suggest only putting it on the part of your lid where you want glitter through, as normal matte eyeshadow can be hard to blend out and may be a bit sticky. 
Overall, though, it will keep your eyes sparkling all day and night, through hot weather and any ridiculous dance moves you may want to pull off.

I've been a big fan of Ciate's nail varnishs for a while now. They last a long time without chipping, application is easy and they have the most gorgeous colours.
They've just released a new summer line, Iced Frappe, Pool Party, and Kiss Chase, to name just a few.
I recieved a mini version of pepperminty -a beautiful minty colour that will perfectly match those long dips in the sea you'll be taking.

Want that super sexy, surfer girl, beach hair but can't make it to a beach? MLB have created the perfect formula for you. A few spritzes over your locks and a shake through will leave your hair in that effortlessly natural way you so dearly want. the fact that this product filters out nasty UV rays to keep your hair in good condition is just cherry on top. Perfect for those days when you wish you were on a surfboard somewhere.

This months box is filled with beautiful goodies. Perfect for getting you ready for summer!
Much Love.
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