Friday, 26 February 2016

Review | My Little Box February 2016

Apologies for this being slightly later than usual. If you read my last post or follow me on instagram, you'll know I've been travelling around the Caribbean this month.

For February, My Little Box went with a home theme. Now, I don't like giving these guys bad reviews, but unfortunately, this months box is a little underwhelming...

First up is a simple and cute photo frame! I love MLB beacause they're products are always unique and colourful, and, well, not something you'd find in a store. This frame is plain blue, and although it will look good pretty much anywhere, I can't help but wish they'd jazzed it up a little.
Seriously, even a few polka dots would have made this 100 times better...

I really love this cushion cover. It is very simple yet completely lovely! With one side being white with little colourful triangles and the other blue with white polka dots (why didn't they do that on the frame!) this reversable cover can be used in any home regardless of your taste or mood!

The next product really annoyed me. For starters they put this in last months box...
Secondly, I discovered I was allergic to it last month....

Next up is this beautiful body cream by Mitchell and Peach.  I've used some of their products before and I've always made good reviews. This was no different. 
Created using Almond oil, honey, cocoa and shea butter, this body cream will leave your skin glowing and nourished.

Straight out of the MLB vault we have this little beauty- a moisturiser to hydrate and illuminate that gorgeous face of yours! It can be used on its own or under cosmetics. 
I only needed a small amount of this product and  as soon as I put it on, my face had a subtle glow all over, and felt moisturised and radiant all day long!
I do however feel £10 is a little pricey though. 

I hate giving MLB negative reviews, and although it wasn't 100% bad, it definitely wasn't my favourite. Which makes two months in a row that I've said that now...
Come on MLB, we know you can do better!!
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