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Review | My Little Box May 2015

I've been a bit MIA for the past couple of weeks. I apologise. There's been a lot going on in my personal life and well I just haven't felt like blogging. Buuuut....

 My favourite part of the month has arrived!!
Ahh yes, My Little Box time!

This month MLB takes us to the beautiful Provence section of France, where life is filled with the smell of lavender, naps in the sun, trips to the markets. Where the sun shines bright and, with the relaxed, simplicity that the locals have, you're a world away from the hustle and bustle of the mad city life.

First up in the box was this adorable little magnet set.
She is currently on our fridge and we change her outfit everyday!

Next up was a gold bracelet for you to make. It comes with 2 shades of blue thread and also a few ideas as how to DIY yours!
I have not yet made mine. I was going to do it today but something came up. The only downside is I have tiny wrists and, well, the bracelet kind of falls off...
I'm still going to make it though.

The make up bag this month was even more fantastic than it is usually!
Instead of the usual 3 products you get each month, MLB teamed up with L'Occitane for a couple of extra goodies!
I recieved a product from L'Occitane in the October box and was very impressed.
Also, if I'm correct, L'Occitane is actually from the Provence, so naturally fits with this months theme!

This hand and nail cream smells like a very subtle bunch of flowers -not too strong of a smell. It leaves your hands feeling soft and smooth and without that wet tackiness I've found from some hand creams.

I recieved the travel sized version of this shower gel and I love it! It smells like a summer holiday and leaves your skin feeling sooo soft.
I used this first thing in the morning, when I was still basically a zombie to the world, and this woke me up instantly. Definitely recommend this.

Next up was the Verbena body lotion. It smells great (I prefer the rose hand cream smell) and feels lovely after my morning shower.
It is kind of hard to get out the bottle though. It might just  be the travel size, maybe the origianl bottle is better, but so far that's the only negative I've found with L'Occitane.

The last L'Occitane product was a full-sized bar of soap from the same collection as the body soap. 
It has quite a lemon-y smell to it which is very refreshing.

I've been very impressed with L'Occitane so far. They appear to use very natural ingrediants, they don't test on animals plus the actual products are fantastic! Win win all round.

As well the bonus L'Occitane products, I got a lovely eyeshadow/eyeliner crayon from MLB's own range.
Please excuse my hideous/quick application here but as you can see, it's brown but does have a hint of glitter in it. 
I'm someone that usually wears dark eye makeup. However, recently I have been getting into more browns/nude colours, so I think I'll definitely be making the most of this beauty.

How many times did I type "L'Occitane" in this post?!?!
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