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Review | 5 Seconds Of Summer- 5 Seconds Of Summer

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I came home from work today to find my 5 Seconds of Summer album had arrived!!
If you follow me on instagram/twitter/tumblr, you may have noticed they're becoming somewhat of appreciation pages for these Aussie boys. I would apologise but I'm really not sorry.

The band are currently travelling around the world on their SECOND tour with the One Direction lads.
Due to this they've become everyone's "favourite" and been dubbed a "teen-pop-boyband". But to me their more around the pop-punk mark. Maybe 100% there, but they're close. In fact the album sounds like a mix of music I grew up listening too. I guess if Good Charlotte had a love baby with Busted it probably would have been these guys.

Although, that's probably because they teamed up with some massive names for the creation of their debut.
The album consists of songs co-written by the likes of All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth, Boys Like Girls's Martin Johnson and Yellowcard's Ryan Key. It even holds one the Madden brothers wrote. All of which, if you don't know, are basically musical geniuses. (My opinion anyway)

It's an album that can easily be listened to anytime, anywhere.  There's a track on there to suit pretty much every situation since it covers all the fun teenage angsty-ness.

For Fans Of: All Time Low, Mcfly & Boys Like Girls.
Personal Favourites: "Beside You", "Amnesia", English Love Affair", "Never Be"

And after I've listened to it 100 times I might sit down and cry because there is finally a 5sos album.

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