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Review | The Vamps- Meet The Vamps

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When a band with as much talent and charisma as The Vamps have pops up, it's an extremely rare thing. 
I discovered them about a year ago, and then saw them live twice during Mcfly's Memory Lane tour in May. And it didn't take me long to realise they were going to be the biggest thing since sliced bread (read all about my obsession with them in previous posts here)

Their debut album has just been released here in the UK, and those cheeky lads off YouTube have definitely delivered the goods. The album's bloody perfect.

These 4 guys are incredibly talented for such a young age -with Connor being the youngest at 17 and eldest James just 19- and have such an amazing stage presence. They've already toured with the likes of Taylor Swift, The Wanted and, as above, McFly.

Over the past 6 months, they've released their first 3 singles -"Can We Dance", "Wild Heart" and "Last night"- and they pretty much set the tone for the rest of the album.
Their music is infectiously happy and quirky. With added folky-ness. 
The whole album is pretty much summer soundtrack PERFECTION. 
I already see myself sunbathing down the beach listening to "High Hopes" and "Lovestruck".
"Somebody To You" (which my personal fav) is going to be a big one during shows with its huge chanty 'YEAH YOU'. And don't surprised if songs like "Smile" gets your parents singing along.

It's easy to think their "the new Mcfly" and I can see why. But these 4 boys have taken what Busted and Mcfly created before them and decided to put their own spin on it all. 
In all, The Vamps are an incredibly unique band who have created an album full of hits. I can't wait to see what the future holds for them.

Personal Favourites: "Dangerous", "Lovestruck", "Smile", "Somebody To You"
For Fans Of: 5 Seconds of Summer, Mcfly, R5 & One Direction.

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